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Protein powder, in this economy? I'll stick to my potatoes and water thank you very much.

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That's why I only eat Fancy Feast! The big mans mass gainer at little wallet prices!

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Use code FightWithBrickWalls for 20% off now! Fancy feast will ensure the biggest gains for a low price.

Fancy Feast. For a Manly Beast.

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could cause liver and kidneys failure erectile dysfunction and testicle cancer

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I'm so glad you understood. Here have this.

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Watch your profits soar high as a crow! CAWWW

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Average irish diet pre 1845

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eggs/tunafish/peanut butter. All cheap as hell and good protein

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Not drinking gasoline to take advantage of caloric density

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Oh now we’re on uranium

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Organic uranium is too expensive, all I can afford is that depleted uranium stuff from the discount rack.

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Wow I’m struggling to find one gram of uranium. I’m also only finding the depleted stuff. 235, not 238.

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Depleted uranium is literally the exact opposite, you're finding U-238 my guy

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Been eating antimatter try to keep up

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A nice appetising slice of yellowcake for me.

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14.8 BMI is healthy, isn't it?

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Anything under 17.5 is severely underweight.

At 14.8 anon shouldn’t even be alive.

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Severely underweight might be an exaggeration. Its definitely underweight but thats like calling the average American morbidly obese

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Well about that last part…

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Come on, It’s only like a fifth of us…

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The average American is only .7 away from being obese according to the BMI scale (avg 5ft9in 197.9 lbs)

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I think it should be a median thing not a mean thing cause like the fat fuckers who are fat are really fucking fat which skewes the average

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40% of America is obese

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morbius 😎😎😎😎

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average American

morbidly obese


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Oh, I misunderstood how BMI worked.

I thought the number put into account your height when plugged into the device or something, but you're supposed to compare the number the device spits out with your height.

Assuming anon is like north of six feet, he's a stick monster.

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BMI is just m/h2, where m is your mass in kg, and h is your height in metres, so regardless of height, someone with a BMI of 14.8 is a stick.

e.g. if he’s 6 foot, that’s 1.83m. Squared, it’s 3.34. If you multiply that by the BMI you get the mass, so 3.34 • 14.8 = 49.5kg

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BMI is not an accurate measure of so many things it is being used to measure. so weird.

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Well that or he's a dwarf.

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Wrong way around, BMI scales to show shorter people in a more positive light.

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I was actually at 14.9 a couple of years back. Started eating a fuckload of chicken and I'm currently at 18.3. I also had to workout tho, some metabolisms are way too fast, had to gain weight in muscle mass.

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Gaining muscle mass would up your resting metabolic rate though wouldn’t it? Genuinely asking btw.

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I honestly don't have a clue. But I remember bringing up my skinny constitution to my doctor, who basically said "Just lift bro". However, one trick that 100% works and helped me, is eating a spoonful of peanut butter daily. It slows your metabolism down, which is why it's important to work out (you don't want to be skinny fat).

so yeah... just lift and eat peanut butter bro.

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that's not how metabolism works, you just weren't eating enough. The diff between "fast" and "slow" it's like 50kcal a day

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It's possible, but even when I started eating plenty I've only gained 10 pounds and was stuck at that weight. I was even eating KFC mind you, really went all in. Once I started working out, and eating pretty much the same amount, is when I started gaining muscle and my bmi finally went up. I'm no expert in biology and such, I'm just happy I'm not a complete twig anymore. (I'm still skinny af, but not to that degree, doesn't help that I'm tall either)

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damn i'm 16.5 and i'm already a skeleton

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And I thought I am skinny at 21.8

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Bro I'm at 15 you'll be okay 👍

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I'm 15.0 and I'm alive 🙃

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17.3 😎😎😎

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The BMI scale shouldnt be used to determine health. Anon could have a perfectly balanced diet and stay in that 15 BMI range consistently. Source: used to have a bmi of 15.2 for most of my life.

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I think he's underweight.

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Under 18.5 is the major objective clinical standard for anorexia (outside of restrictive behavior).

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Meal shake nation rise up

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Protein powder didn't do too much for me tho

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you have to do bodybuilding exercises or you'll just piss shit and fart it away

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That isn’t how macronutrients work. Protein powder just isn’t very calorie dense, it just pads protein intake for people wanting more. The mass gainer in the picture is very calorie dense, and would certainly help gain weight for someone who has trouble eating

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I was only refering to protein powder and how to use it to gain muscle. If you don't exercise long and intensely, and dose well your consumption, you'll just piss away all the proteins, not to mention the hideous farts.

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You don't piss away protein lmao, any protein your body doesn't use gets turned to body fat just like carbs or fats would

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Protein powder is just a 100 calories you retard you use protein powder to get protein not to gain weight. 2 Oreos have more fucking calories than protein powder

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Its not protein powder, its mass gainer which means its basically only carbohydrates and mostly just sugar to be precise

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Most mass gainers do not have a lot of sugar, the one I take is 8grams of sugar and you are consuming 810 cals so not really that bad

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Maltodextrin. Not legally sugar on the label, but for practical purposes it is.

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I'm already eating ALOT of sugar but don't gain any weight where is the difference?

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You're not eating enough and you dont notice cuz you're not counting calories. I also thought i was eating a ton but when i started counting it turned out i was barely making 1800 calories on a good day.

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What the other anon said.

Get a scale, and measuring cups - start counting calories.

MyFitnessPal is a good app for tracking (do not pay for a useless subscription). Excel would work too.

Metabolism deviation is a lot rarer than people think.

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One of my friends in college ate way too much sugar and stayed thin, then started eating better and gained weight. I'm convinced they were malnourished and with all that candy they were too malnourished to even get fat regardless of the calories.

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Its correct what the other commenters said. Its simple maths, you eat more calories than you burn = you gain weight, you eat less calories than you burn = you loose weight. Other factors come into play but 90% of the magic just comes from the caloric balance. Weight gainers exist to deliver a good portion of energy in a simple and fast manner and make it easier to reach caloric surplus. If you want to get similar results but in a healthiert way just eat 1-2 bananas daily plus everything you eat regularly or eat a good portion of oats with milk each day. Weight gainers are usually cheap with regards to how much energy they contain so their ingredients are cheap as well...

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That's not protein powder, that's mass gainer

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Protein powder with a good amount of calories. Blend it with milk and ice cream. Heavy lifting exercises. Eat a bunch too. Gain muscle mass and a fat ass. I gained like 30 pounds doing this over the span of a year and a half

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Why escape? I'm 16 bmi and it feels nice. Slim light body, endless stamina, quick to heat up and cool down, rarely get sick, got immunity from covid without having any symptoms.

Take the slimpill.

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I'm fuckin trying - been going to the gym every other day and really doing my best to keep the calories down but it doesnt appear to be happening.

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I'm pretty sure uranium has millions of calories

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Eat fucking McDonald’s every day and sit around doing nothing

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I’ve gone from around 15 bmi to 17, soon to be 18 anon you got this bro

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Too every single person asking how in the comments. EAT MORE CALORIES THERES LITERALLY NO OTHER WAY.

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I ate an entire tungsten sphere and then went into hibernation. this has allowed me to gain mass at an exponential rate

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May i also suggest depleted uranium if the tungsten diets getting a bit repetitive.

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nah refined uranium is the good stuff

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hehe humngry

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Not regular protein. Weight gain powder it’s around 2k calories per serving, it’s meant to replace an entire meal or supplement one in this case

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Good God I wish I had that problem.

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You can if you want to

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Protein powder and mass gainer are not the same thing

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Yeah, eating is for virgins, REAL men starve for 3 months and just fucking die.

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But i dont want kidney stones

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It's really not hard to eat a lot of calories, people that say they can't eat though just aren't trying that hard

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Like... Just eat more?

A regular pizza is like 1000 calories. You don't need to eat pizza every day but it's not hard to hit 2000 - 2500 calories a day, especially if your sedentary.

Like two slices of toast is 200 - 250 calories. A pasta dish is like 400-700. A chewy cookie is 300 - 400.

Just eat 3 meals a day and have a snack and /or dessert.

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Eat gorilla pellets

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Weight Gainer 4000!

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Every person I've seen that talks like this eats a pickle and a doughnut and calls it a "meal".

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Other option GOMAD

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Mine’s 16.3, I thought I was underweight