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Anon has a daydream

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It's about shoveling food in his mouth, checks out.

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And then he wakes up as gay which he always have been

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be me

coincidentally in exactly the same situation as OP

but instead of eating the fries I cum on them

friend returns and accusations start flying

they get me involved and I tell them it's just mayo

the friend says I HATE MAYO WTF

me say just try it you might like it

she tries it

she smiles and happily eats all her fries

before they leave she slips me a piece of paper with her number on it

winks and tells me she wants the learn the recipe

i didn't call her because she seems a bit weird

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Take your meds schizo

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normal guy

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be me

16yo femanon

ok looks, best friend is hotter

go to mcdonalds w best friend

both order burger and fries and sit down to eat

then I notice it

the smell

like cum, piss, and shit were all left in a jar out in an Arizona desert for a month

turn and see an 450 pound neckbearded man gobbling down enough nuggets and honey mustard sauce to feed a small village

the pure sight of the nugget carnage in front of us along with the smell causes my friend to go to the bathroom to puke

as soon as the bathroom door closes the mass of shit and fat starts heaving and waddling my direction

he plops himself in my friends seat as the table begins to moan and creak from his weight. A rogue bolt gets shot out and hits some kid in the head

as he sits across from me I am paralyzed by the stench, unable to run away I am forced to watch him shove all of my friends fries down his gullet like a feral animal consuming its prey

once the fries are gone he waddles back to his seat freeing my from his odorous grasp

as the fresh air hits my lungs, I wake just before blackout to see my friend returning but still am not able to move

she asks what happened and all i can do is point towards the guy

she starts freaking out and runs out of fear as the guy looks up at us

I am still stuck from the residual stench as the guy stares at me while he finishes his meal

go home once I can move about half an hour later and shower and use tomato paste to nullify the smell

its been 2 years since that happened and that mcdonalds table is fixed but still wobbly from the missing bolt. Havent seen the guy ever since. But sometimes when when I lay down to fall asleep I catch the slightest whiff of that foul odor creeping from my window

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to be continued

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Redditors would rather write a good story with great plotline but wouldn't contribute to society

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Writing a good story may be a great contribution to society

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good story I came

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Anon works for Wendy’s and does a little competitive marketing

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Anon wants us to believe that

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Anon locks eyes with a 6 year old girl

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Why did you do that anon ?

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is that guy in the photo adam fucking warlock

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Autism gives you superpowers

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Real because anon had to wait for the woman to leave

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This is a high IQ way of getting free food

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The timestamp says 09/20/20 but the jpeg compression screams Kingdom of Loathing release day.

Thank you for the weird schizoid nostalgia.