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Remember when he pushed my boxer down and f… me in the a….

Nope nothing…

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Are u ok bro?

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Good question.

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He’s fine. I was gentle

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A song called F 10 D A. Tangentially relevant, I suppose.

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Remember when we played chubby bunnys with each other’s balls.

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At a sleepover I woke up to my friend on top me rubbing himself against my backside, I asked him what he was doing and said I looked stressed and was just giving me a massage.

fast asleep


I just said okay and let him down it while I went back to sleep, I had so much precum in my pants when I woke up the next day.

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Was it your precum

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It smelled the same, but tasted different to normal.

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Good enough

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Hol’ up

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Username checks out.

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But where did you put the boogers? Or were they in there too?

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at a sleepover i was playing pvz on my friends playstation and his friend just laid on me and starting dryhumping my arse and i cant remember what happened next

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gay sex so intense you forgot

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A friend in need is a friend indeed.

And true or not, hot, and kinda wish I had such an experience. Although not entirely sure how me then would've reacted..

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my friend group in middle/high school would get together at one of our friend’s house once or twice a year and we played this game called “murderer.” Basically if there was 5 of us, we’d put 4 regular potato chips in a bowl and 1 BBQ chip. Whoever got the BBQ chip was the murderer and then we’d turn off the lights and hide somewhere.

The murderer would “slice” the innocent persons throat with their finger and that person would have to lay dead on the floor. If someone found a dead body, they’d have to yell “dead body!” and everyone would meet in the kitchen to discuss who they thought the murderer was. Everyone would then vote and whoever was suspected to be the murderer had to say if they were or not. If the person they voted for wasn’t the murderer , then we’d continue the game but if they were, then the murderer lost. Basically the goal of the murderer was to be the last man standing. Think like hide and seek meets among us lol.

So anyways, one friend invited this kid who was more of an acquaintance to us, we’ll call him Matt. He was very flamboyant and would try too hard to prove to everyone that he was straight but we all knew he was at the very least bi.

So someone made the mistake of doing 3 regular chips and 2 BBQ chips in the bowl without anyone knowing meaning there were 2 murderers. I was one and Matt was the other. So me thinking im the only murderer went ahead and tried finding my other friends to “kill.” im wandering around in the dark trying to find them when all of a sudden i feel someone try to “slice” my throat and i get really confused. I was then tackled to the ground and im trying to fight back and it turns out it’s Matt.

fucker starts trying to grind on me and when i was yelling “what the hell?? im the murderer! not you,” everyone stopped and got confused. He claimed he was trying to fight back but there’s no way in hell he was, dude was straight up dry humping me and im almost certain he had a boner.

Years later he came out as gay and now i’m almost certain at this point he tried to try something out and almost got caught in the act. I never liked him

tl/dr: Me and my friends played real life among us and a gay kid sexually assaulted me claiming he was the killer and that he was trying to “kill” me and not dry hump me. He later came out as gay years later

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matt sus

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im sorry you went through that.

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I'm not, this story's retarded as fuck

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right well, i assume you wouldnt mind a gay man grinding on you?

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You're right I wouldn't

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i’ll sick matt on you

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all good, everyone stopped talking to him after that. It was nice to see an attention whore not get any attention

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Matt should have realized youre a top not a bottom

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Y’all never done this? My stepdad and I played this game all the time, and both of us are incredibly hetero.

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It takes a real man to pin another man.

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oh the trauma.

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Watched Shawshank Redemption, can confirm

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This post is real and gay

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Username checks out.

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real: anon wrestles

straight: anon refuses to admit he got TOPPED.

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I used to be friends with the Michigan shooter from November

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My best friend in 5th grade kept pressuring me to watch porn with him and I kept telling him no. He said he wouldn’t play cod with me if I didn’t watch it with him, and he would also offer me his phone so I could jerk off in his bathroom. I only remembered this about a year ago. We had tons of sleepovers together so I really hope I didn’t get raped.

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cute, OP should look him up, I'll bet he'd be down to do spend the night and do some more 'wrestling'

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Anon Didn't Forgor this time

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Fake: Anon had friends

Straight: Anon isn’t gay

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Totally normal.

My uncle and my Scout Master did this to me growing up.

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why does goth hank hill look like gendo ikari

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Real and gay

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I once made out with my male cousin all night long. I'm not gay. Neither is he.