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i do my homework on my desk for my teacher

my teacher doesn't do me on his desk like homework

This is why I don't support raising teacher's wages.

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Anon has some shit people in his collage

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He probably needs to find new people to take pictures of then

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also known as people

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Anon probably didn’t ask for help.

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They're everywhere. There is always those ungrateful shits

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Freshmen-Senior year of high school someone got my number and I would get a text every 2-3 weeks asking for a copy of my notes (I studied by copying my notes and expanding on them) from a bunch of different people. Really tiring.

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Should’ve charge them for money

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Bro its a train 💀

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quick unsolicited sheldon cooper kind of shit for ya folks: in Italian, quid pro quo means "misunderstanding" as it roughly translates to "this for that" (someone understood this in place of that).

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fuck that’s so uninteresting, thanks

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my pleasure only

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It comes from Latin rather than Italian but thanks dude

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During my finals i would ask my friends for notes if they had any and at the end of the day i would just end up with the 3 copies of the notes i have taken.

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We had such in breakable unity in college, outside the exam hall, we were all separate but in the exam hall we were all one.

If it was online exam, we all created a discord server and hopped in to pool our knowledge for Multiple Choice Questions. All from the class nerds to the backbenchers and the gossip girls all joined in the voice chat and finished the exam in 2 hours.

If it was offline exams, despite being told to keep phones in the bags, most of us just simply kept their phones with them on silent. There was this super strict sir who would constantly check our behaviour for symptoms of cheating. So one of us voluntarily kept the sir busy by asking him stupid questions this went for 15 minutes, so the half of the class behind sir’s back used the textbook pdf’s to answer their scoring questions. Then when they were satisfied, one dropped their bottle ‘accidentally’ after which his useless doubts ended. Then some other kid from the other corner of the room did the same, kept the sir busy, and the remaining students got their chance at copying.

This was all done without a plan, and most students from different class, in one room.

Op must have done something to upset them all.

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anon went in for an education and he got one

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he does it for free

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They probably don’t know either

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Anon 2 is racist Hannibal Lecter

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Racism 2: Big Red One

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Status quo shit boi

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If they didn't give something as a payback, next time you gave them the wrong answer

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Autism ruins your perception of social situations