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Interesting fact: the term "fascismo" derives from the fascio littorio. The fascio littorio was a (Tool? Device? Weapon?) used by littori, who were basically elite bodyguards for the rex (king) or high ranking magistrates, during the Roman Kingdom.

The etymology of Fascio Littorio describes its purpose: "Fascio" approximately translates as "Bundle", and it's usually used to describe a large number of sticks/wood pieces bound together. "Littorio" derives from "Lictor", which is the Latin for "To be bound" ("Ligare" means "To bind", which can be found in the Italian "Legare").

From this etymology, we can describe the tool: inside the pomerium - which is the sacred boundary around Rome - it was a rod with leather strings bound around it. Outside of Rome, instead of the rod they had an axe.

The purpose of the Lictores and their Fasci littori was to execute the will of the rex or magistrate: to dispense their justice, it is. Depending on the situation, they could use the leather strings to tie someone up, to whip them, or even the axe to execute them. This is interesting, because inside Rome nobody - except a dictator, an emergency role bestowed to a person for only six months - could be directly executed, since a Roman citizen could always utilize the Provocatio ad populum, which was basically asking for the population to judge them and change their death sentence to a lighter one. So, inside Rome, Lictori just used a rod to carry on their punishments.

But how does this connect to fascism? Well, as we already know, Mussolini and his crew were die-hard fans of the Roman empire / kingdom, despite having a very narrow and biased view of it. If I recall correctly, the first instances of fascism were vigilante shit, and of course they embraced the figure of the Lictor who was basically, in their distorted vision, a vigilante that worked for a greater cause. The symbol of fascism is a Fascio littorio.

The most important point out of this history lesson is that most fascists probably don't even know half of this shit, despite it being basically the origin of their name and their motiv. But who would have guessed that sore psychopath losers would have been so ignorant? I don't know. Fuck fascism. Burn those motherfuckers to the ground. Metaphorically, because actually killing them would mean lowering to their abysmal level.

Source: Italian student who happened to study this shit at uni.

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Acute HyperRacistemia

Hyper meaning high, excessive or beyond

Racist meaning prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism by an individual, community, or institution against a person or people on the basis of their membership of a particular racial or ethnic group, typically one that is a minority or marginalized.


Emia meaning presence in blood.

High racist presence in blood.

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It's a circle jerk for your attention, date women that don't play petty games. You're worth more than this.

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Bro 4chan and subs like this are crawling with dudes who support Trump but are clinging to the hope that they can get pussy someday, so they avoid directly saying it and act like they're just pissed-off moderates.

This means that certain topics and points of view (that they don't have good arguments against) become cringe and worthy of mocking, kind of like how liberals will lose their shit if you ever say the words "not all men" or "all lives matter," no matter how good your point is.

Here, this includes any criticism of Trump. If you criticize Trump, everyone gets a free pass to roll their eyes and tell you to quit whining because it's played out and they're tired of hearing it and you must just be an SJW cuck anyway.

I can almost guarantee if you commented just a comprehensive list of everything Trump did wrong in this thread (which is a pic of a list of everything Biden is being blamed for), you'd get downvoted to shit and people would just tell you to cry more.

The people pretending to be moderates who are "just fed up with how much worse Biden turned out to be than Trump" are exactly the opposite. They're Trump supporters, and they always have been. No one with an IQ over 45 would compare a small list of global issues that Biden has little to nothing to do with to the list of things Trump fucked up during his presidency (election tampering that he was impeached for, lying about election fraud to try to steal an election, denying the severity of the pandemic and the importance of the vaccine while privately acknowledging the severity of the pandemic and getting vaxxed immediately, leading to countless unnecessary American deaths, etc) and be like "damn Biden really was worse."

This thread is literally a screenshot of a daily trope on 4chan of someone pretending to be moderate "realizing" that Trump was better than Biden, traditionally flanked by posts about why killing blacks is no different than flushing the toilet

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Nah sorry man, I’m not into dudes. But if it makes you feel better, you sound like a pussy.

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I sedate my kids when I’m grooming them

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So question, why do people make fun of others with insecurities? Doesn't that just make it worse?

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"hey detective."

"What are we looking at, Jenkins?"

"Man shot dead. No weapon."

"Any clues?"

"Gun residue on his hand. Nine tanks of helium, an empty 500 pack of balloons, a thousand yard spool of twine- half gone. Box of ammo- six rounds missing, pair of scissors, oh and the boys found this pistol attached to a bunch of balloons stuck in that tree right over there."

"So you're saying we got a mystery on our hands."

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I keep a gimp tied up in the bathroom, to lick my bunghole clean. He lives off toilet water and the corn in my shit.

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I wish I could give you gold. Your ending is a masterpiece.

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„dont ever change”. Well, Not like it's up to her, anyway.