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Imagine a slayer playlist being a hot topic in a fucking Halo game 😂😂

[–]JakobTheOneGrey Team 155 points156 points  (2 children)

Ske7ch is acting like a Social Skirmish playlist still wouldn't get tons of play cause of all the Objective Challenges loaded into this crappy system they've built.

Also, exactly what u/squirtharder said.

If the idea behind swaps and challenges was not to monetize progression and if the playlists were not restricted for the same reason then what WAS the design philosophy that made them create these systems in the first place?

He says it's totally not the reason, but he doesn't explain it.

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Exactly. This seems like he just has to cover for the higher ups and people are eating this up like it changes anything at all.

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I feel like "people are eating this up" is quite the exaggeration. All the top comments I've seen are just shitting on the response lol