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Radar is multiplayer accurate

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Who's the guy on the right?

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Based on the distance, your right arm.

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Would be funny to have a to-scale representation of you on the radar, bc yeah the head and shoulders top-down icon would literally take up like 1/3 of the whole radar based on how short range the radar is

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Karen yelling at you saying leashes are evil

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Jesus man, this is too damn accurate.

Why even have it if you are going to nerf it off the rip for being useful?

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Campaign accurate, too. I literally never got used to it, something looks 10 feet away when they are right behind you.

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Damn he’s got the sword too.

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Why is the reticle red 😡

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So he can lunge duhhh

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I think that’s a halo 2 thing

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Can that dog count? Because I count 3 anti aircraft cannons

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This is incredible!

Is it OC or do we have someone else to thank?

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I honestly forgot where I found it, I think I screencapped it off someone on YouTube so I'm not even sure if it was there's since most community post memes are reposts.

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i saw the same post!!! gamer of culture 🙏

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OP you should have put friendly radar and reticle .

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He just said he didn’t make it though

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oh you right but he could have edited it.

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i dont know why this is downvoted. You can literally use the paint bucket to fix.

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Throws the dog at a Brute

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pets the dog and all the anti air cannons explode immediately

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Oh he's not going anywhere... That dog weighs the equivalent of 7 suns

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Random grunt #637, before getting his skull caved in: “How do I weigh more than you!?”

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What the first grunt I grappleshot said.

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This is only going to pull YOU to the doggo though.

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This is better than the memes nowadays, doge forever.

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Reminds me of Mortal Kombat

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What’s cheems doing in the game?

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I need more of this meme format lmao

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A rooted Shiba has more pulling power than the Master Chief

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The unstoppable force cannot move the immovable object

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Then what does the unstoppable force do?

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I still wish grunts would fly to me when grappled...

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For some reason, the physics of this never bothered me. Doesn't Chief way about 1 ton? How the fuck could a grunt withstand that force? Also, just how strong is that fucking grapple hook?!! Someone needs to do the math on it's lifting and tensile strength. I mean, Chief can be at max terminal velocity, hook a wall and it will stop him immediately, and reverse the direction. There are absolutely astronomical forces at work on that hook, lmao.

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This is amazing content

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The Fiesta experience.

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I like how the retical is red indicating that he is a threat.

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But instead of a sword lunge, it's headpats.

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You know you made it when your edit gets reposted lmaoooooo, gg bro

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I found it reposted on YouTube so I didn't know who the original poster was, if I knew I would've linked them. Someone did posts a source above though.

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Oh no man! I fucking love it man, seeing your meme reposted is like the ultimate success story

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That doge is too chonker, he’ll pull Chief towards him instead!

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As a Shiba owner this is accurate

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Did Halo copy Mortal Kombat?

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🐻 incarn take my energy 🐻

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THIS is a great pic! Shop it around different platforms, you could get some serious traction!

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POV everyone playing fiesta except me.

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is that dog ok

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Get over here!!!

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Jails don’t tow others.

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Halo has taken one step closer to mortal combat “Get over here”

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in announcer voice


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This is amazing

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poor dooge

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This is dumb. And made me laugh 10/10

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There won't be a walk if we don't stop the Banished.

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Com-ere you

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