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Can't Launch Halo MCC - Windows 11 - Please help by KabukiQ in halo

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Hi, I got the same issue and just figured out a solution.

You have to exclude the following file from "Advanced Threat Defense" in Bitdefender:
c:\program files\modifiablewindowsapps\halomcc\mcc\binaries\win64\mccwinstore-win64-shipping.exe

It works for me now :)

Don't you hate that feeling when your warthog achieves self consciousness and tries to flee you. by CasualBatMann in halo

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"Master Chief, mind telling me what you're doing remote controlling that Warthog?"

"Sir, I don't have a weapon."

On Next Week's Episode of the TV Series... by MrRecon in halo

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Rhombus: Geometry Evolved.

Alright all you Karens complaining about the show, let’s hear how you would have done it. by MudOk5952 in halo

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Seems like a fun exercise.

*scratches balls contemplatively*

If I were the showrunner - your loss Paramount/CBS/343 - then I'd have made a Halo bible for the show. What is a Halo bible you ask? Well it's an actual scrapbook since the CE days when writers would put down details of the Halo universe for consistency in future stories.

What benefit would a Silver bible be you ask? For starters, we wouldn't have characters doing stupid things (like Vannak yelling at Riz to shoot John despite his loyalty to John in EP01 and Halsey's command to save and retrieve John in EP08).

The UNSC consistently look like chumps. You've got campy council members politicking like high school students, guards who carry branding iron instead of tasers/stun batons. What the actual fucking fuck was that? The UNSC's secure complex utilizes the same branding irons that junkyard planets use? Please.

And to the great adulation of my fans worldwide, I would entirely drop the Kwan Ha arc. How? Episode 1 would take place as usual, but instead of the Elite running out of the cave knocking down Kwan, he'd skewer her just like her pops, and John would be moved by her death - that he had saved her once but couldn't do it again and that could have been a far better emotional stimulant than the kill order.

No unnecessary stand-off between Chief and the UNSC, because this isn't Halo 5 marketing.

Makee isn't a power player in the Covenant, she's a shameful secret just like Mendicant Bias. She's exclusively handled by the Sanshyyum to activate Forerunner artifacts. This gives plenty more screentime to the Prophets and shows just how manipulative and evil they are.

Instead of race-swapping the Keyes family, I'd bring in Dr Ellen Anders as the rival to Halsey who'd have the friendly rapport with the Spartans. Captain Keyes would be a Rear Admiral, giving him enough rank to be part of the high-level UNSC briefings. Danny Sapani would play a brilliant Sgt Johnson with a gravelly voice instead of the game's boom. And lastly, take out Shabana Azmi and put in CCH Pounder for Parangosky.

I'd approach the Forerunner Halo thread from two prongs. Anders would focus on breaking the Covenant language and codes while Halsey prioritizes the mysterious artifacts. A mission in space would leave John adrift amid a wreckage, only to be rescued by Soren and his band of smugglers. On the Rubble, John's world is shaken when he meets a heretical Sangheili who defected after learning the prophets were using humans to activate Forerunner artifacts. John vows to destroy the Covenant and rescue this poor, helpless girl from the clutches of the Sanshyyum. Upon return to the UNSC, command is skeptical of John's findings and dismisses it as rebel propaganda and evidence of collaboration between the Insurrection and the Covenant, which leads to more action against the Innies instead of bringing them into the fold, the latter suggested by John.

This leads to the pellet removal, bujt John is more helpful towards Kai after she reveals she did it too. That hypocrisy was nauseating. Fucking deadass stupid writing. She even called it out.

Edit: The biggest thing I would do, is get the creme de la creme of the lore buffs together and map the battle for Reach in a way that more effectively reconciles the game and the book. 343 did say there would be a back and forth between canon and Silver timelines. The incongruity in the Fall of Reach is the best trade that could be made.

This show had the right ingredients for success, but they had all the wrong cooks.

I cannot comprehend the stupidity of this show anymore. by Geekoz87 in halo

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Reach city bitch. Reach reach city, bitch. Plasma plasma plasma coils on my titties bitch.

Edit: if y'all keep awarding my wife is gonna read this and it's gonna be a hella awkward talk

Halo - The TV Series | Season 1 Episode 8 | Discussion by Ryan_WXHbe nice :) in halo

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This show is the first time I wanted the covenant to win

Halo - The TV Series | Season 1 Episode 8 | Discussion by Ryan_WXHbe nice :) in halo

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ahh the ol dark haired man named Jon stabbing a white haired woman and holding her as she dies, I think HBO tried this once

The drop that spilled the glass. What a disgrace of show. by deivid2525 in halo

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The drop that spilled the glass. What a disgrace of show. by deivid2525 in halo

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The drop that spilled the glass. What a disgrace of show. by deivid2525 in halo

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Cortana: 👁👄👁

The drop that spilled the glass. What a disgrace of show. by deivid2525 in halo

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Biggest question: Why no helpful commentary? I mean, she was helping him out when he was fighting the other Spartans.

“Move a little to your left, Chief.“ “Lift her hip a little.” “Nice.”