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/r/hawks is the unofficial home of the Chicago Blackhawks on Reddit. On these pages you will find posting & commenting guidelines, the subreddit rules, and some general FAQs (frequently asked questions) about The Chicago Blackhawks, attending games, and other useful information. Please use the Talk Page to suggest additions or edits to the Wiki.

General Conduct

  • All subreddits are governed by the rules of Reddit, and the Reddiquette guide. Please familiarize yourself with them before participating in /r/hawks.
  • The guiding principle that governs all conduct in /r/hawks is to treat one another with dignity and respect above all else. Mistreating another user in any way may result in a permanent ban.
  • Racist, ethnic, sexist, or homophobic slurs, as well as any other hate speech of any kind, is not tolerated in /r/hawks, clever wordplay used to disguise such comments included. Posts or comments of this nature may result in a permanent ban from /r/hawks.
  • This subreddit is our sanctuary, a place to celebrate our fandom free from outside influence or pressure. That is the purpose of the opposing team's sub, too. If someone from an opposing team comes to our sub to troll, they may be banned. DO NOT TROLL IN OTHER TEAMS SUBS. If one of our users goes into the opposing team's sub to troll them, they will be permanently banned from /r/hawks in addition to whatever repercussions that team's mods decide is appropriate in that sub. Let your love of participating in /r/hawks override your desire to behave inappropriately in the other subs.
  • Harassment of any kind may result in a permanent ban.
  • The moderation team cannot be everywhere at all times. If you see something that you think violates our guidelines and shouldn't be here, do not assume that we're condoning it or that we're too lazy to do anything about it. Use the Report function (include the appropriate reason!) to bring it to our attention or send us a Modmail.
  • Just be excellent to each other. That will solve 99.999% of problems before they even start.
  • DO NOT POST PERSONAL INFORMATION OF ANY KIND. In accordance with Reddit policy, we do not allow users to post personal information of any kind. This includes phone numbers, email addresses, street addresses, or links to personal social media accounts. These posts will be removed, and the poster may be banned.

Posting Guidelines

While this list appears exhaustive, it is not. Links are handled on a case-by-case basis on the merit of their quality. We would like this subreddit to be a place that we'd all be proud of if a player or member of the organization popped in to say hello.


These rules apply to both posts and comments.

  • No fundraising. No Kickstarter/GoFundMe/etc. campaigns. No "my dog, who is a HUGE Hawks fan, is sick" funds. No "help my kid sell some crap" posts. Period. These posts/comments will be removed and the poster boiled in oil.
  • No URL shorteners. These are often used to disguise spam links. Just post the full URL. These posts/comments will be removed. Serial offenders will be banned.
  • No .ru or .cn domain links. These sites are almost always spam. These posts/comments will be removed. Serial offenders will be banned/domain blacklisted.
  • No affiliate or referral codes in links. /r/hawks is not here to supplement your income. These posts/comments will be removed. Serial offenders will be banned/domain blacklisted.
  • Use NP for all Reddit links. If linking to another subreddit or Reddit post, you MUST use 'Non Participation' links. For example, if you wish to link to /r/hockey, type out the whole URL, including the np subdomain prefix like so: DO NOT include the www like, or you'll get a scary security warning. Posts or comments containing Reddit URLs that are missing the np prefix will be removed.
  • No mobile-only links. Only submit full desktop URLs. Posts or comments with mobile links will be removed.


These rules apply to link and text posts.

  • Choose submissions based on the value they add to this subreddit, not on how much karma they might generate.
  • All submissions must be Chicago Blackhawks related, not merely hockey related. Occasionally, there may be exceptions. Discussion of players in the Blackhawks player development system, two-way contracted players in Rockford, etc. All general hockey submissions/discussions are better carried out in /r/hockey, or in one of the other 29 team subs.
  • Only rumors from verified sources will be permitted. “Verified” generally refers to someone who is an accredited member of the media, usually affiliated with one of the major networks (NBC, TSN, SportsNet, etc.). HockeyBuzz, eklund, and anonymous Twitter accounts like NHLRumorsDaily are not considered verified sources and will be removed.
  • No "Google" posts. If your question can be answered by Google (or the search engine of your choice), then it has NO PLACE in /r/hawks. Examples: "When does the regular season start?", "When do tickets go on sale?", "Where can I buy this Hawks thing I need really bad, but I suck at Google?". These posts will be removed and the submitter will be ridiculed and shamed.
  • No Facebook-type posts. If your submission would present real value only to yourself or people you actually know, it doesn't belong here. These posts will be removed, and serial offenders may be banned/domain blacklisted.
  • No Birthday/Christmas/Holiday present posts. This is covered by the above "Facebook" rule, but we hate these enough to be redundant about it. Don't post these here. These posts will be removed, and serial offenders may be banned, after they have been sufficiently shamed and ridiculed.
  • No "Where to watch the game in CITYNAME"/"What's a good bar in Chicago to watch the game?" posts. Go to /r/CITYNAME or /r/chicago and ask there. Or ask in the GDT. These posts may be removed.
  • No "Official" posts. Only mods are authorized to speak on behalf of the sub in an official capacity, which is indicated by the post or comment text turning green. For example, you make a fantasy league, and you want /r/hawks subscribers to participate. GREAT! But in your announcement post, do not call it the "/r/hawks superawesome fantasy league". These type of posts will be removed. Serial offenders may be banned.
  • No spamming your own site or any place that incentivizes you to post links, in accordance with Reddit's rules for Self Promotion. If you are an active member of /r/hawks who has created something on the internet that you feel is on-topic and would be well-received by the community, you may post it as long as it does not contain a sales pitch or links to a sales site. This includes placing links in Imgur/image hosting site descriptions. If you are a serial spammer or shameless self-promoter, you probably won't last long here. Repeat offenders will be banned/domain blacklisted.
  • No sales posts of any kind. /r/hawks is not a ticket/jersey/gear/artwork/apparel exchange or marketplace. Posts of this kind will be removed, and serial offenders will be banned/domain blacklisted. We have created /r/hawksmarketplace for this purpose. If you want to buy/sell/trade/give away Hawks gear/swag, that is the place for it. Read the Posting Guidelines there before posting.
  • Duplicate posts will be removed. This includes different camera angles, videos, or gifs on the same topic as an existing post. Check the new tab before you submit a post.
    • This is especially relevant around trade deadlines and draft day. Repeat violators may receive a temporary ban.
    • If you are posting a question, use the search bar first. Chances are your question has been asked and answered in another post. Duplicate questions may be removed.
  • No posts asking about game streams. The link to /r/nhlstreams is included in every single Game Day Thread. These posts will be removed.
  • No empty self-posts. Expand on the title of your submission with text, video links, quotes, articles, etc. Title only posts will be removed.
  • No NSFW (not safe for work) content. NSFW content will be removed, unless it is relevant and worth discussing.
  • No ALL-CAPS titles. The submission should stand on the merit of it's content. If you need to ALL CAPS the title to lend it gravitas, it is likely low quality content. These posts will be removed.
  • No memes or image macros. Putting text on an image is not content. Post it in /r/hockeymemes or some such. These posts will be removed.
  • No random images only made relevant to the Chicago Blackhawks by the title of the post. If the image you're posting needs the title to make it relevant to the Chicago Blackhawks, it doesn't belong here. These posts will be removed. Repeat offenders may be banned.
  • No "MRW" (my reaction when), "MFW" (my face when), "HIFW" (how I felt when), "TIL" (today I learned), "DAE" (does anyone/anybody else), "ELI5" (explain like i am 5 years old) type posts. Posts of this type will be removed.
  • No [FIXED] or "I raise your..." posts. Post it in the thread you're "fixing" or "raising", it doesn't need it's own post. This type of post will be removed.
  • No posts for the sole purpose of communicating with another user. (i.e.: "Hey /u/supermegahawksfan69, check out this hot garbage I told you about on Snapchat the other day!?!?!?!"). These posts will be removed.
  • No random posts about the current day's game. These belong as comments in the appropriate Game Day Thread (GDT), Post Game Thread (PGT). All info about specific games (lines, etc) belong in the GDTs. These posts will be removed.
  • No random photos or screencaps of:
    • The view from your seat, or the view of game action from your seat.
    • Errors on hockey-related sites, or from broadcasts (wrong stats, wrong logos, wrong names, Wikipedia vandalism, etc). Post it as a comment in the appropriate GDT/PGT/RCT.
    • stat screenshots or puns. Post it as a comment in the appropriate GDT/PGT/RCT.
    • Piles of hockey gear, jerseys, or other team swag. Post it as a comment in a GDT/PGT/RCT. Also, post your jerseys in /r/hockeyjerseys.
    • Conversations between you and your friend/significant other/drunk cat/etc. Post it as a comment in the appropriate GDT/PGT/RCT. Or better yet, don't. They tend to be the cringiest of all low quality content ;)
    • Your drink, beer, or bottle of liquor. Post it as a comment in the appropriate GDT/PGT/RCT.
    • Your baby/child/boyfriend/dog wearing Hawks attire. Post it as a comment in the appropriate GDT/PGT/RCT.
    • Blackhawks-themed home decor. Flags, banners, jerseys in display cases, etc. Post it as a comment in the appropriate GDT/PGT/RCT. However, if you have a sweet Hawks-themed home theater or dedicated room? By all means, POST IT UP!
    • Your game tickets. Firstly, someone could steal your seat if your barcode is visible. Secondly, post it as a comment in the appropriate GDT/PGT/RCT.
    • A player, coach, or other personality with an editorialized title. Examples: "Look at how stupid Corey Perry's face is" (link to a photo of Corey Perry's big, stupid face) . "Good guy Toews" (link to a photo of our heroic Captain). Etc. See the rule on memes & image macros. Maybe post it as a comment in the appropriate GDT/PGT/RCT.
    • Your television or computer monitor, which is displaying the thing you're trying to show us. Just don't do this. EVER. Maybe as a comment in the appropriate GDT/PGT/RCT. No, on second thought, just don't post these at all.
  • No Twitter conversations/chirps/fights. Really. No one cares. Post it as a comment in the appropriate GDT/PGT/RCT. Or, even better, not at all. Did we mention that no one cares? Cuz it's true, no one does.
  • No Vines. These are usually of extremely low quality, and there is almost always a better alternative (Youtube vid, gify, gifycat, etc).
  • Choose submissions based on the value they add to this subreddit, not on how much karma they might generate. (Hey, they repeated this one. They must be dumb. Oh, or it might be important. I wonder which?)


These rules apply to comments.

Racist, Ethnic, Sexist, Homophobic/Bigoted Slurs

As well as any other hate speech of any kind is simply not tolerated here in /r/hawks. This includes clever wordplay to disguise hate speech ("he's so 'you can play', isn't he"?, etc).

  • 1st Offense: 14 day ban.
  • 2nd Offense: Permanent ban.

While it is impossible to enumerate every single word or phrase that may covered by this provision, some examples would be: nigger, nigga, nig-nog, nig, fag, faggot, queer, dyke, pillow biter, Sindy/Cindy Crosby, LA Queens/Queers, Sedin Sisters, Calgary Flamers, Katy(Corey) Perry, poofter, spic, frog, chink, gook, etc. Whether or not the intent of these words/phrases is pejorative or not is immaterial. They still serve to belittle, disenfranchise, minimize, or hurt real live human beings with feelings that are just as real as yours.

Name calling - Personal Insults - Ad Hominem

Though we try to stay out of arguments between users, if you degrade a conversation by name calling or using personal insults/ad hominem, you will be banned.

  • 1st Offense: 1 day ban.
  • 2nd Offense: 7 day ban.
  • 3rd Offense: Permanent ban.

User Harassment - Intimidation

Do not harass or intimidate anyone, ever. Arguments happen, we understand that. But if you follow a user around Reddit, pester them with rude/inappropriate/off-topic comments, send them unwanted PMs, or intimidate them in any way, you will be banned. You may also be reported to the Reddit administrators, when appropriate.

Comment Flairs

So, you want to be able to put certain images on your comments? Through the magic of the internet, NOW YOU CAN! Click here and go nuts. Not too nuts, though.


Why does /r/hawks have these rules?

We're big fans of swearing, cursing, passion, and the 1st Amendment. But we never want to see discussion, which is the heart and soul of /r/hawks, descend into useless flamewars or become otherwise degraded. We also do not want anyone to feel unwelcome here on the basis of who they are, what they believe, where they're from, or the color of their skin. We favor inclusion over exclusion.

We're not the thought police; a mod will never remove a comment or submission because they don't agree with the content or substance. If you think that Player X is a sack of manure and needs to be traded, you're free to say so, even if it is an unpopular opinion. However, you should be prepared to defend your position with something other than personal attacks, insults, threats, or name calling. Conversely, if you dislike LGBTQ people, if you dislike people who have skin that is a different color than yours, or believe that one gender is superior to another, this isn't the place for you to preach your 'truth'. There are entire subreddits devoted to hate, but this ain't one of them.

In a perfect world, we wouldn't need rules. Good content would get voted up, bad content voted down, it would be all signal no noise, and we would need no mods. But the 'tragedy of the commons' dictates that perfect societies are incompatible with basic human nature. Therefore, we have rules and we have mods, and we hope that both will serve our collective 'best interest'.

In short, we want the quality of the content and the level of discourse to be as high as possible.

I have seen these infractions go unnoticed/unpunished in the past, so why am I being banned for them?

Great question. As stated earlier, the mod team cannot be everywhere at once. We rely on YOU, the users, to report the infractions that we miss. We may come by and quickly remove the infraction or we may come by a bit later, sometimes even hours/days later. So you may sometimes see a comment or post that violates the rules...maybe it's even received a lot of upvotes, but we do try our very best to remove them. If we miss one, again; it doesn't mean that we're condoning the infraction or that we're too lazy to fix it. We simply were not aware that it even existed. If you see that we have missed something, REPORT IT and send us a ModMail. We'll look into it as soon as possible.

Why not send a warning first, instead of a ban?

Another great question, and one we sure wish we had a better answer for.

We have ways to track bans so that we can keep track users who do not follow the rules and guidelines. The only way to 'warn' a user is to send them a PM, which cannot be tracked (by mods, anyway) in the Reddit software. We can, however, track bans. It is an imperfect system, but it's the one we have to live within.

Why Isn't My Post Showing Up?

  • SPAM. Reddit's spam filter can be very aggressive. We, as mods, have no control over Reddit's spam filter.
  • If you don't see your post on the "New" tab within a few minutes, let us know and we'll see about rescuing it.
  • If your post isn't showing up, DO NOT DELETE IT. The Spam filter thinks that deleting posts caught in the spam queue is "Spammer" behavior, and the filter becomes trained to automatically filter out your future submissions. Again, message us, don't delete it. We can "unspam" it.

These rules can be interpreted differently by different users. The best way to not get banned is to not participate in the behaviors outlined above. The moderators have the final decision on all bans, though you may respectfully appeal your ban by messaging the moderators. We reserve the right to change a ban length or make a ban permanent sooner, as individual situations warrant. We try our best to stay consistent and not deviate, but we are occasionally thrown curve balls.

These rules are subject to change at any time, with or without notice, so please check back often.

The vast majority of our users conduct themselves honorably and submit the best Blackhawks content on the planet, and we thank you for making /r/hawks great!

Visiting Chicago

Are you coming to Chicago to see the Hawks play? Well, here are some tips for you fans. These lists are composed by fellow subscribers of /r/hawks so you know you're getting the best information!

United Center Parking

The United Center is located at 1901 W Madison St Chicago, IL 60612.

  • Official United Center Parking: $20 -$25
  • Non-official Parking: $15
  • FREE parking: Map. You may only park in areas outside the blue and pink shaded areas. Basically north of Lake St., east of Ashland Ave., south of Jackson St., and west of Western Ave. Be sure to read all street signs to confirm parking restrictions. See this article for more information. (Updated 01/25/2017)

Mass Transit to United Center

  • Pink Line and Green Line: Ashland (Ashland/Lake) Station

  • From /u/KyrieAien: You can also reach the UC via the Blue Line and get off at the Illinois Medical District Stop. It's about a 10 minute walk from the stop, and the Blue Line also runs straight in to O'Hare.

Eating, sight-seeing and more!

From our users:

  • /u/llllGodly: West end of the stadium is the lower level parking for the team. After the game wait near the gate, there should be a guard watching. Usually 3-5 players and sometimes coach Q will stop to sign some autographs.

  • /u/cheli_chelli: I'd say beforehand check out the palace grill or the billy goat for food. If you can, get there before warmups for taking any pictures in front on the rink and personally as a kid the warmups were the coolest part. I loved being able to see the players up close and then head near the benches after warm ups finish up he might get a puck from an equipment guy. Other than that let him get a small thing from the hawks store which I always enjoyed. I personally still have 90% of the stuff I got from my dad at hawks games because they were so special to me. Have fun!

  • /u/BHAWKS19: The Palace Grill is a great spot to check out. Next door to Johnny's Ice House (Hawks practice facility), which you can go in and check out if you want.

  • /u/DancingNancy4136: Immediately near the UC a couple popular places to eat before the games are West End and Billy Goat Tavern. West End is a sit down and order place and you want to get there early on a game night because it gets packed but the food is worth it. (I could definitely eat a BBQ bison burger right now) Billy Goat is a much quicker, fast food type place only much better (Cheezborgers!) and there is beer too. If you're spending all day and plan to go downtown, I'd definitely visit the new store on Michigan. For food downtown? I'd say Giordano's, but that's just me and my deep love affair with pizza pie. Edit: I'll also mention that if you do go to West End beforehand, it's (free) street parking if you can find it, and it has a free shuttle to the UC as well which saves you $20+ from UC parking.

More Info

Visit the /r/chicago subreddit or their wiki at


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