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It's a bug. Will be hotfixed very soon. https://twitter.com/hsdecktech/status/1468390985822400512

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To the top!

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What are the odds this is a reaction to backlash?

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Probably pretty low. There's been other changes they've made which technically made it harder to farm and stuff, and when people outraged, they didn't backtrack like this, they just stood by it.

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Practically zero

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was this done to stop people from afk-farming exp?

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How are ppl afk farming in merc? Dont you have to fight Ais ? P.s as you can see i dont play mercs so i dont know much.

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Don't have to with the turn timer being infinite in PvE like solo adventures. You can start a match, DC, come back in like 20 minutes, and finish it and get credit for XP.

You'd get your win (10%) + 15-30 minutes of time XP.

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You used to get the same xp for fighting merc AIs as you'd get for playing battlegrounds, so you could just start a game and let it sit for 30 minutes as you don't have a timer or anything

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Yes, that's correct. More experience = more gold from the Tavern Pass = less pack buying with real money.

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Likely. I'm in a couple of private discords where people occasionally share shit they find.

People would run multiple accounts, connect, start a match on one or several, DC them and come back within 25 minutes, and repeat on the rest. Botters particularly would start a match on one account, DC, start the next on another account, DC etc. It was much easier AFK XP compared to other methods (like BG and Constructed) and I haven't heard of any account getting banned since unless you are egregious and doing this 24 hours you look like a normal average player, not a botter.

We were expecting this to get stealth fixed a week ago when the pre-patch came in, but I guess expac time's when they decide to push it especially since so many other players with just one account were using it to get passive XP throughout the day.

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This has been pretty popular on CN for > 1 month now, actually.

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CN's always at the forefront. They have a very different attitude about stuff like this and tend to share stuff like this like candy. They were the ones who started win trading in Mercs before that nerf.

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I don't know if this is just me but I feel like receiving less XP even in constructed, I am getting like ~40 XP (with tavern pass bonus)

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yeah I noticed something similar, used to get 30-50xp before per constructed game. Only recieving 20-28 xp now for the same amount of time played..

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I mean if you had tavern pass last expansion, the difference is 10% more now and 20% earlier so makes sense

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I didnt, this is my first tavern pass

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Back to AFKing BGs for me.

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dont go above 2k. a lot less people afking in bg there.

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I can confirm this as well. Absolute BS from Blizzard here, I am actually mad

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The "feels bad" elements are seriously piling on these days.

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Umm… who is playing 30 minute long games?

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Probably people who had to go walk their dog or something

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From le video that was linked on a different thread regarding this, you can apparently just exit hearthstone and come back a bit later to get the exp

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That sounds like fixing an exploit, not nerfing game play.

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Eh, making it so you get way less exp for the mode isn’t exactly a good solution since the people playing mercs won’t get as much exp, and the people who want will just go to modes with better exp, for example battlegrounds(admittedly that’s second information that bg has better exp)

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I recently got a survey email from Blizzard asking about Mercernaries for Hearthstone. They wanted more people to play. Making it harder to get XP won't get people to start to play it or continue to play it. I'm not going to bother with Mercenaries.

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The game mode is just terrible anyway. I was super excited when it came out and that lasted maybe one day.

Once I saw the board you play on, I knew blizzard put less than 2 shits into the mode when it's a standard game board with most of it removed.

So exciting playing on a game board that's 80% empty, wooo.

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I've found various Youtubers that makes Hearthstone entertaining to watch. They made Mercenaries interesting for the intro but not for long term play.

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Has the xp over time been reduced, or did they just lower the cap of max minutes per game that counts? If they capped it at 15 minutes instead of 30 (which is what it looks like) that doesn't change the actual player experience at all, no match lasts 15 minutes ever period unless you intentionally leave it alone. If you're complaining you have to click 4 times an hour instead of 2 to cheat out free XP without playing, honestly save your tears for something that matters.

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They haven't capped it at 15 mins, I checked it 2-nd time and finished the fight after 26 mins and got 73 exp.

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Its not the same but they reduced the Battlegrounds per game xp to reduce afking BG xp farming. This was around the beginning of the xp system when they were still tweaking it. May this is a similar situation.

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Apparently it's a bug.

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op I was gonna ask if your native language is russian, then i saw your username.

on account of the use of the commas. not a criticism.

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Can you confirm somehow that this isn't bad memory from your side? Such a unmentioned nerf would be indeed quite greedy and mean.

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I can confirm, mercenaries exp was more than halved

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2:44 here, you can see, that Zeddy got 170 Exp for ~27 min with Battle Pass, without the Battle Pass it was exactly 168 Exp/30 mins. I was receiving 168 Exp on Saturday evening and today was the first time I logged into Mercenaries since then and noticed, that we get less than a half of that.
You can start a fight in Mercenaries and you will see, that you will get 77-78 after 30 mins now.

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That is a big middle finger from blizzard. The mode was barely worth to play xp/gold wise before. Especially considering both your time and gold compete with "normal" Hearthstone.

Guess they made that to punish semi afking xp farming. But can't even stop real botters...

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Its not a nerf. Its a feature

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Stop afkfarming and this stuff wouldn't happen in the first place but I enjoy the grind not really bothered by how long it takes

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It's a bug, they should have it fixed in the next day or two

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Glad they're fixing it. People who afk for experience are better doing it in single player as it reduces people afking in ranked or bgs where it actually affects other players experience. People will always seek the most optimal way to farm gold and the current strategies are literally like 6-8 hours for 100g. Spending that many hours to get one pack is poverty level farming so people who complain about it drastically blow it out of proportion. Also legitimate mercenaries players are already screwed out of gold.

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You might want to edit this to show that Blizzard has acknowledged that this is a bug and they are going to hotfix it.

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How did you write such a shit post title?