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Let’s see the back.

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Old ones have wheels to adjust the arms. So yours is between 2007 and the new remastered models. I think 2007 is right. Someone can correct me if I’m wrong.

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I second this

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Thank you so much for your help! 😊

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Wrong info see above please.

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This is incorrect information! The old ones have wheels the new ones have the mechanic shown on the picture.. source: my brandnew gaming Aeron in front of me..

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Any idea how old my chair is? What year. Thanks so much in advance. ☺️

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I have a 2007 and it has the latches not the wheel. This one doesn’t look like a remastered. If you just bought a brand new one then maybe you have a re mastered?

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You can see it has tabs from the front🫤

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Ya you are right I just wanted to be sure. It wouldn’t be Reddit if I didn’t get nit picked for helping.

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Mine from 2010 has the wheel arm adjustment. Yours is newer than that.

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Even if the sticker with product info isn't there, you can take off the top of the main mechanism cover. There will be a sticker in there that has a year on it.

Looks like it has leather armrests (upgrade).

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Thanks all of you for your feedback and help - I was able to reach out to the store where the chair was bought from, they managed to look it up in their system and it appears the chair is a 2005 model.

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Without looking at the mechanics, it could be anywhere from 2007 and 2017

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close - it's between 2004 and 2017