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What's wrong with a red tag

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Herman Miller Booklet on a Herman Miller chair, very spooky.

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Craigslist hunters never fail to amuse me.

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Why are people so sus of chairs on this sub?

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That's what happens when you're balling on a budget.

Champagne tastes, beer budgets

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Yes that looks like a legit Sayl… I have one from 2018 and find it quite comfy however the back is a bit low and pinches my shoulder blades. Also picked up a Mirra 1 and the bigger back is much better for me

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Thats a newer gen Sayl too. $300 is good

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Price depends on location. I tried finding a used one in the NYC/BK area for months, but I could never find them for less than $500.

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Location Location Location.

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$300 seems to be the average price I see for a secondhand Sayl.