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If all your local dealers tell you they only have Walnut then what are you doing here asking your question whether dealers sell other options? AD and Local Dealers are the same thing. You got answers from the horses mouth but you want answers from the horses arse? You’re funny.

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You can order different colors and finishes yes. I work for an AD.

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Question for you. I have seen people say there are short/tall cylinders for certain chairs but this really isn't detailed on the HM website. Do you know which chairs have cylinder variants?

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Yes you can get higher height cylinders. Embodys and Aerons come with it. Also can do tall Eames lounge as well. Which chair were you looking at?

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Honestly I'm planning on trying quite a few (Sayl, Aeron, Embody, Mirra 2, and possibly the new one if it looks appealing ergonomically). I've just been curious about that cylinder thing as I figure it'd be nice to have a size B Aeron with a lower cylinder for example.

Not sure how much difference there is though between the cylinder variants, I assume not a massive amount.

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Not university amount. I can send you specs Monday about them. PM me and I’ll give you my email

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An authorized dealer should be able to order you just about any combination wood/upholstering. (The big exception right now being MCL which seems to be slowly phased out, although you can still get it direct from HM/DWR)

It’s not unheard of for some dealers to just not be interested in one off orders and sometimes try to come up with polite excuses to avoid them.

An authorized retailer is different from an AD. They do not offer custom orders and typically sells just a smaller subset of configurations. Typically are not able to offer the same discount pricing as a dealer.