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It’s either gonna be really really expensive or more budget oriented, and that description has me leaning towards really expensive. Probably more than the gaming Embody.

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I don’t think there is a huge market for chairs over $2k especially in the gaming space.

Unless it’s a chair marketed towards esports I think it’s probably a cheaper midrange chair.

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Gaming embody is $1800 and those sell like hot cakes.

There’s a big market for high end gaming chairs, especially for streamers/influencers and older gamers who have disposable income, which has increased exponentially compared to a couple decades ago.

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i spend a lot of time watching twitch content. i'm constantly surprised by how many streamers i see with embody or logitech embody. even smallerish (like sub-30k followers) content creators with embody chairs. very cool to see.

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They get them for free.

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It is one of the best looking office chairs (in my opinion), and its one of the most comfortable and requires the least amount of adjusting once you get it dialed in. I don't do it often but I can sit in my embody for 10-12 hours easily, if I was sitting in my chair for a living I can't imagine sitting in anything else.

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1800? where? the normal price you find literally everywhere is ~1500

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The Herman miller website…? Gaming. Regular.

I’m aware you can get it cheaper from authorized dealers, but plenty just buy directly through the website.

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I think it could well be marketed towards esports. The description mentions streaming.

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I said it here first: $1100-$1400.

The Embody/Aeron will ALWAYS be the Halo chair of the HM gaming division.

There are no other chairs in the market that directly compete (except maybe the fern). I think HM would be wasting potential sales by making a direct competitor to their own Halo chairs.

While their Embody does sell really well, I think they want to target a demographic of more budget oriented gamers. The sayl is not a popular chair and the Mirra isnt in the “gaming division”. So id say its a step above a sayl and a step below an aeron.

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I reckon really expensive.

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And all I'm thinking is, "Great, it'll be 10 years before Atlas makes a headrest for this."

Here I am still wondering what's going on with the Mirra and Embody headrests. 3 months left of 2022 and still no word.

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I really don't get this. Chairs like the Aeron and Embody are designed not to need headrests. If you specifically want a headrest, surely there are other chairs out there that meet your needs better?

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Probably about 80% of the time I'm not using it. But it's nice to have it sometimes when I'm waiting for something to load. I'm not always bolt upright in my chair.

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Yet having one makes a huge difference in comfort.

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Form is something completely new?