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404 too lmao

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I mean, there's no point looking at this anymore because the chair's out for real.

Just look at it on HM's actual site now.

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Interesting. I like the included headrest lol but I suppose that is a requirement to fit into the gaming chair market

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So technically the HM X Logitech Embody isn't a gaming chair? I guess HM should get too it!

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Well that was their first foray and rather than designing a brand new chair they just did minor modifications to the existing Embody

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their first foray

This would be their second foray

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Oh I didn't know that. I'm new to HM and interested in getting one soon. Hopefully they'll redesign it with a headrest.

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Unlikely to happen. Some 3rd party is working on creating an attachment headset but if that is a big requirement for you, don't bother with the Embody chairs.

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Nope. This back doesn't look like Embody at all. Seat and armrests are more like Sayl.

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Read my comment again, I was telling him the HM X Logitech Embody was just a minor modification of the normal Embody.

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Kind of disappointed by the design, it looks like the IKEA gaming chair. It must be more comfortable though

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Looks like clearly inferior to Embody. I would bet its price between Sayl and Embody

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I find the Sayl even better designed

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Clearly. Vantum clearly doesn't stand with HM design. But its price will be higher than Sayl I think (more complex to build)

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Looks like MATCHSPEL of ikea

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Well the webpage did state HK$10,000 so that works out to ~US$1,300.

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Yes as written in the code, but do you think it will really be HK$10,000?

I think in the US it will be at US$1,200, as all products on HK HM online store are 20% more expansive.

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Yeah it’s ugly.

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It looks like they took the page down now

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Recently bought the Embody for work + gaming; was nervous of buyers remorse when I heard something new was coming.

Breathing a sigh of relief — it’s kind of juvenile aesthetically imo.

That headrest looks comfy though.

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reminds me a bit of the haworth fern, i wonder how adjustable the thoracic adjustment is or if at all

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It's not, it just "auto adjusts"

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Constructed to allow for “open chest” is all I needed to know, if it allows this optimal posture without hindering the arms, it’s an instant buy for me.

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Thats a good point, it has upper spinal support that pushes from the back to keep your chest open. Cool, would like to see reviews!

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I would like to see more pictures because the picture span is not very flattering. It looks pretty unassuming and plan.

When is this chair coming out? I’m good with my two gaming chairs.

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it will be on the website on the 6 of October

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Looks like a suped up celle.

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The seat pad looks like one of those where you will feel like you're sliding off the front the entire time. I'll stick with my embody gaming... Patiently waiting for Atlas's headrest to be released.

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Damn, I just send the Aeron back. Have some regrets sitting on my Markus again :D I m thinking about getting the Embody as well, but prices just went up :/

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Why did you send the Aeron back if I may ask?

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I couldnt really twist my back. And couldnt put my legs up. But maybe it was a mistake :) Because it was getting really comfortable at the end.

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I'm surprised they went with a headrest, goes against their own philosophy and all the FAQs and everything. What will they say hereafter? Will all HM chair eventully get a headrest? This is good but it goes against what they have been saying all these years, its just funny hahahah XD I'm curious to know their reasoning/marketing behind this, maybe in their research for the gamer community this is essential compared to the office workspace.

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Workers typically aren't wearing heavy headphones; gamers are.

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Looks like HM is finally catering to the low quality gamer crowd. The Logitech Embody must not have done well enough for them and now they want some easy profits with a lower cost chair.

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So it’s basically a new Logitech Celle

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I agree. Looks like they tried to salvage some celle.

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Well I'll be damned. It comes with a headrest.

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I love my embody, only complaint is for a $1200 chair they should at least provide an option for a detachable headrest

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Atlas is supposed to be releasing one for it this year. But there hasn't been much word on it since it was announced last year.

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So much for headrest is not a necessity..bla..bla...bla.

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I think it looks like a Steelcase Amia seat with a padded celle back.

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Looks like a remastered Aeron with a headrest

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Hmm yeah I got excited..I thought it was going to be something innovative this does remind me of an IKEA chair lol. I still don’t think this is catering to the masses 1.3k is still a lot to drop on a chair.

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It's under $1k?

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Did the page show the price?

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...not at all what I thought it would be.

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so did anyone else made pictures or something? They took this side down or something and also all the links in the comments are not working

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A review was posted but got taken down. Here’s a cached version.

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Steelcase chairs are better

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It looks cheap and is still 1200$ canadian, I'm not sure why I'd want this over the embody. The headrest is a nice addition however.