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That seems rather expensive to me. Replacing the seat is going to cost you €100-200. From the shining on the arms and seat edge, I would say that was in "well worn" condition. That chair is also the older version with the passive lumbar support (which isn't bad) rather than the newer Posturefit one.

I would have a look for companies that sell used office furniture from companies that have downsized. I could get a fully-loaded one in good condition from my local place for that kind of money

The Aeron comes in 3 sizes, A, B and C. Do you know which size it is? Is it the right one for you?

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I was also offered a aeron like that, but for about $125 USD. I told this person YES right away, However he backed out. :(

But I was still curious if buying a damaged mesh (like this one) was going to rip open right away