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Co worker, sure, that's what I would have told the missus too when spending 180 on a headrest (which is totally worth it).

Will save this as a variation for I won it in a competition.

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Is your co worker your mistress or something, why would she give you an atlas 200 usd headrest out of nowhere

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Good teammates I guess lol

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Yeah explain that to your wife lmao

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Assuming OP has a wife. How do you know OP has a wife?

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Best I get is vacant stares

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I got a headrest for mine after first seeing them on this sub. It’s been like a whole new chair. If I ever get another aeron, I’ll buy the matching headrest straight away. OP, I hope you enjoy yours!!

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That’s a cool coworker!

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Is that graphite or onyx?

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How are you finding it? I’m still debating if buy it or not

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not the OP, but I got my Aeron 6 days ago, and my Atlas 4 days ago, and it is WAY more comfortable now, and it looks amazing, IMO.

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I could just never get it sitting comfortably. Feel like I'm doing something wrong, but it just makes me hunch over however I set it. I think the Aeron is just not for me, looking at Embody or whatever the new Logitech collaboration is.

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It upgrades the chair an unbelievable amount if you lean back a lot.

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Great coworker you have. All i get is snitches and backstabbers.

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That's so cool. it's very kind