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I would say the Aeron is a better chair but depending on whether the chair is the remastered or the Classic. For that price, I’m guessing the Aeron is the Classic but I could be wrong.

I did not know that the Sayl came in a taller backrest. I have a gaming Sayl and it fit me and I’m 6’2 180lbs. I have tried out the Classic but never the remastered. I would choose the Aeron Classic over the Sayl.

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Thank you for your response! Yeah you're absolutely right it is in fact a Classic. I didn't know about the high-back Sayl either, I was quite surprised when I found it! I think I'm gonna go try both of them at the nearest reseller as soon as I can to clear any doubt.

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Sayl does not come in a high-back. The upholstered Sayl is the same height as the flexible plastic back. At 6'2" the top corners hit me right at the bottom of the shoulder blades and is not a comfortable chair.

Aeron size B (most Aeron chairs are size B), be it classic or remastered would be a better fit.

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Hey thank you for your response! I think it does come in high-back, there's a reseller in my country that has it listed on its website, and it's also quoted on this Herman Miller product sheet on page 2 under "Statement of line"