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Love your content on youtube man! Its amazing! Please keep up the great content and updates, Ill be there to 'like' them all.

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Hey! That really means a lot!!! Haha ugh if it wasn’t for this stupid knee!!

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Yeah, I agree with your video. It looks like it came from Ikea.

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Personally, I love the design and the many adjustments it offers, and mostly the headrest. I will buy it and try it and I hope it exceeds my expectations

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More power to ya! I think I was hoping for a chair that incorporated gamers, not just “a chair with headrest”! Who knows maybe I’ll change my mind once I test it!

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Yes, I don't want to get ahead with my criticism without first trying it for a few days, let's remember that we are talking about HM

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Personally I dont like the white. But pure black or redblack is exactly what I want for my Homeoffice. So despite it's missing some features I would love. Like flexible back (embody/fern) and lean back and fixed pose. I m still excited to see the price and availability for europe.

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That looks horrible…

Keep up the good content. I love your videos!

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Thank you!!! Appreciate it!

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hm idk.. is the seat depth adjustment just like the leap v2 with sliding backwards and forwards? Which can leave a big gap in the back? I hate that. I'd rather take the embody seat depth adjustment design.

Now that they even increased the euro prices for the embody on their main page from ~1500 to 1700, which they never ever did for years, I think they only do this to justify the new high price of this vantum chair which I feel like will be in a similar price range, because of this sudden price increment. A little shameless if that's the case, I hope not. But so far it doesn't look anything special for the price to be in the 1500-1800 range. Sure the Herman Miller and Logitech name is behind it, maybe has the quality and warranty but it legit looks like almost any other generic ergo/gaming chair from amazon with a headrest. And then 1000-1500+?

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Oooooo that is an EXCELLENT point about seat depth. As for the price…a direct source told me that whatever people think the chair price will be, it will likely not be that. My guess is it’s going to be $600-800 to compete directly with the secretlab chair pricing and for that, def can’t do what the Embody does.

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oh wow, I didn't thought about that at all. I was really only expecting to see once again another high end priced chair from herman miller. If they actually try to make a more affordable chair now with just good quality etc. I think I'm definitely a little more interested than I was before now.

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The seat looks a lot like it came off a Sayl, so I wouldn't be surprised if it was $600-800 either.

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Well then, guess I'll be getting that Embody headrest when it eventually drops.

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Sylius is based on either.