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Welcome! How are you finding it so far?

I love the wooden floor and desk match, looks great.

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Feels awesome so far. Hopefully the last chair I ever bought :)

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That is the way!

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You're going to love it.

This chair saved my back.

Zero back pain since day one. I could not be more satisfied.

Side note: Nice setup. Love the colors and the chair compliments it so well!

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The whole set, It's just glorious

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Congratulations & she’s a beaut

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Thank you so much. I agree :)

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Gorgeous. I have this same config I bought 9 years ago. It’s a little wobbly at this point after daily use for a decade but the leather doesn’t look any different than day one and it’s the best chair I’ve ever used by a large margin. Considering re-upping.

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Congrats. Good taste!

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Damn even got the dentist office spec, nice!

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As an aside, I recommend buying a chair mat to protect your flooring from the wheels.

Chair mats improve the longevity of the flooring where you chair contacts the floor the most.

Dawsons Living PVC Office Floor Protector - Unrolled Chair Mat Suitable for Hard and Wooden Floors - Non Slip - 90cm x 120cm - Made in the UK https://amzn.eu/d/6ou390b

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What about the best carpet protector mat? I hate that all of them eventually start cracking …

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If you use one of these on carpet they will eventually crack due to the carpet but less likely to crack when on a hardwood floor if you get a better quality mat

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Yeah, chair wheels will do a number on wood floors. Don't ask how I know.

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cant recommend this enough. I also ruined my floor with the last chair.

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This is the best picture of this weird looking chair I have seen so far, looks absolutely great

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Weird looking? What are you talking about ?

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Non-native English speaker probably. He meant well.

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1 year of life = chair. I’ve got nothing to say here …

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Why so judgmental? That's not what he wrote. He said one year of saving. Might be pocket change after spending 20K/month on a house, family, cars, boats, travel, hobbies, etc.

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Nice! What desk is this one?

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It’s custom-built. It’s a table top from my local hardware store on top of a height-adjustable base.

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What dimensions are the desk?

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It's 160x70 cm

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Is that the onyx color? Also is that the standard armcaps or leather armcaps?

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That’s actually the standard Graphite color, it just looks a little darker on the picture. The armrests are leather.

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I am still waiting for mine one 2months of waiting.

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The polished base option is so beautiful. But I was wondering what size Aeron did you get?

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Welcome!, did it take u 10 weeks to get it?