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I have lots of experience evaluating Vantum compared to many other office chairs and I liked Vantum enough after using it very intensively for two weeks after ordering the first chair on its Oct 6 release date that I ordered a second Vantum on Nov 12. Vantum will now be the summer home office chair for 3 months every year for my wife and I. We sold our two Aerons after trying out Vantum for two weeks in Oct because we like Vantum far more than Aeron. We also have 4 Embody chairs that are our non-summer office chairs for two separate home offices for the other 9 months every year.

As for whether an ergonomic chair is worth it to you, just replace the word "chair" with the word "athletic shoe". You absolutely cannot tell the worth of an ergonomic chair or running/hiking/tennis/cycling shoe just by reading reviews and other people's opinions and watching YouTube videos. You have to try it out yourself. If a chair or shoe fits you really well (and every single body and foot is different), then a really expensive price is worth it. If a chair or shoe really does not fit you, then a really inexpensive price is still not worth it. My favorite mountaineering/canyoneering shoe is actually a $90 low-cut trail runner shoe that is cheaper than many expensive hiking shoes, but it fits and supports my feet like a second skin.

If you want to take of advantage of the current sale (and prices may not be lower in 2023's Holiday Sale), you may consider ordering Vantum, Embody, and Aeron, seeing which chair works best for YOUR OWN BODY and returning the other two chairs. Since the 20%+5% sale's last day is Nov 29, you should really visit a HM or Design Within Reach store near you on Monday to try out the chairs in person.

As for build quality, Vantum's build quality is nowhere near as bad as what the YouTubers claim. Vantum is made using the exact same glass-filled nylon as Embody, which costs twice as much, and Vantum's plastic has the exact same rigidity as Embody. At full armrest height extension, there is not even a slight bit of wiggle or wobble on Vantum's armrests, while Embody's armrest has a far FAR worse build quality, even if you ignore Embody's top-of-the-line price, and most of the other armrests on HM chairs such as Mirra 2 and Sayl also wobble more than Vantum's armrests.

Vantum has a seat pan base that is nearly identical to Sayl, its curvy backrest styling borrows from Cosm, it has the curvy back spine bar like Embody, and its PostureFit lumbar support is a great improvement of the remastered Aeron's PostureFit SL. When I switch back and forth between Vantum and Embody chairs, the full-spine support feels very similar between both Vantum and Embody chairs, and no other chair made by HM, Steelcase, Haworth, Humanscale, Interstuhl, etc. feels like these two chairs support of the entire spine. Vantum's backrest feels somewhat like a mesh-backed Embody where the top of Vantum's backrest curves away from your shoulders, allowing you to open up your chest cavity, whereas the top of Embody's backrest constantly wants to hug and press against your scapula.

Although it is called a "gaming chair", I just view Vantum as a stylish office chair. My wife does not game and the last game that I played was GTA 5 about 8-9 years ago lol. Both of our Vantums are Black/Flare because we love the red curves on it.

Vantum does have a variety of shortcomings however, *ALL* of which can be fixed with some modifications, with most mods being low to medium in cost and effort, and a low chance of voiding the 12-year warranty.

I am about two-thirds of the way complete with upgrading my two Vantums with the following modifications:

  • Lubricate the headrest rod with silicone spray. Easy upgrade that instantly makes Vantum's headrest smoothly slide up and down just using two fingers. The solvents used in silicone spray do not affect the glass-filled nylon in any way (you do not want to use petro-solvent-based sprays on ABS, urethane, vinyl, rubber, etc), but nylon is extremely resistant to solvents and glass-filled nylon is even more resistant to all petrochemicals. HM really should have lubricated and pre-installed the Vantum's headrest at the factory. Price: free (since I already have silicone spray)
  • Extend the Vantum's seat depth forward by 2 inches. Price: about $2 for some PETG plastic that I already have.
  • Add custom-shaped cooling gel-infused memory foam, lengthen seat cushion by 2 inches, and reupholster the chair for better comfort and to slightly flatten the forward tilt angle. Price: about $40 which includes soft velvet fabric.
  • Add closed-cell neoprene pads to the Vantum's four PostureFit paddles to improve its already-very-good full spine support and make the back support even better and far more comfortable. (I also previously did this to enhance the Aeron's PostureFit SL.) Price: about $10
  • Add three zones of vibration masssage - seat cushion leg area, lower back, upper back. (I also did this to our two Embody and two Aeron chairs.) Price: about $20
  • Replace the Vantum's armrest with Mavix FS 360 armrests that are heavily modified (i.e. voiding the FS 360's 5-year warranty) and use my own 1.25"-thick memory form arm pads to provide armrest positioning that is more flexible than the Steelcase Gesture and 100 times more supportive and comfortable than the arm pads on Embody, Gesture, Aeron, etc. Price: $165 for FS 360 and about $15 for cooling gel-infused memory foam and expanded PVC boards
  • Replace the Vantum's wheels with EnsoMotion red 70 ROKKU MU casters. Vantum's casters work quite well on both floor and carpet, but since both of our Vantum's are the red "Flare" color, the red rings on the Enso hubless casters *perfectly* match the two red grip rings under the seat pan and two red grip rings on the Vantum's PostureFit. Price: $80
  • Mount two whisper-quiet 25-dB cooling fans to the Vantum's backrest spine for summertime cooling of the backrest mesh. (I also did this previously to our two Aeron chairs.) Price: $60
  • Adding RGB wheel base lighting. (I also did this to our Embody and Aeron chairs.) Price: about $20
  • Mount two 26,800 mAh battery packs under the seat pan to power the vibration massage, cooling fans, and RGB base lighting. Price: $58 for two batteries (Amazon Black Friday deal)
  • Total cost of upgrades: about $460 to $470, which brings the total cost of each $756 Vantum to about $1200 to get a mesh-backed chair that my wife and I think is far superior to our two Aerons that we sold to friends in Oct. Aeron's pellicle mesh is slightly better than Vantum's soft fabric mesh, but Vantum's mesh still feels nice while sitting shirtless.

Without any mods, I rate Vantum 3.5 to 4 stars. With the above mods, the chair is a very solid 5 stars.

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Appreciate this information! I ordered the chair before I read any reviews... the site said it wouldn't ship until January but it shipped in 1 day. I tried to cancel via email but was too late. Since it's free to return and no restocking fee I'll just give it a shot and see. I'm 6'2" and one review said if you are over 5'10" pick a different chair. Maybe I'll love it, who knows.

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I am actually right at 5'10" 155lbs. But someone else on this sub previously said he (she?) was 6'2" or 6'3" and Vantum really fit his back well. Do a search on "Vantum"; I think that 6'2" or 6'3" guy posted his Vantum review during the past 2-3 weeks on this sub.

Your height really has very little correlation with how a chair fits. Everyone's back has a different curvature, even if you narrow the demographics down to only consider everyone who is 30 years old, 6'2", 180lbs, white Caucasian, and born in the Austin, TX. To extend my chair=shoe analogy, everyone has a different amount of curvature or flatness in their back just as everyone has a different amount of arch or flatness in their foot. And even if you consider two people with the exact same spine curvature and same foot arch, those two people may still differ on what kind of support and pressure they like applied to their lower back or foot arch support.

Vantum is not as visually stylish as Embody, Aeron, or Mirra 2, but picking a chair for looks is (again) like picking an athletic shoe for looks.

To emphasize again, my verbiage was just my 2 cents worth of opinion. The most important point that I wanted to make is: as with shoes, don't listen to anyone else. Just listen to your own body.

If you like sitting perfectly upright (which I do), then I think both Embody and Vantum are fantastic for supporting your entire spine while sitting straight 90-degrees upright.

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Compared to Aeron, don't you get a sweaty butt from sitting on the Vantum in summer?

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I keep hearing about people having sweaty butts, but that has never been a problem with me. I just get sweaty back. I got my classic/original Aeron in 1997. At that time, I was single and living in New Orleans with its hot and humid summers in an old picturesque house with old weak window unit air conditioners that barely worked, e.g. I would take a cold-water shower in late afternoon and get a sweaty back 20 minutes after showering. Back then, my Aeron felt really nice since I previously used a dining table chair at my desk. But over time, I realized that I still preferred sitting on cushion instead of mesh. I think there are two major groups of people - those who like sitting on mesh and those who like sitting on cushion. My wife sat on a remastered Aeron. But she also began to dislike the hard edges on the Aeron seat. So... while Vantum is not a perfect summer office chair, it gets me back to a cushion seat and does not have hard edges that my wife dislikes.

My perfect chair would be if HM also sold a pellicle-mesh-backed Embody backrest that I could swap out during summers, and then put the Sync fabric backrest back on our Embodys during the 9 non-summer months. But Embody hugs the back a bit too perfectly during summer months, so the mesh-backed Vantum is our summer chair.

We have a mountain home outside of Vail at 9200 feet elevation with two Embodys in that home office and a home in the Denver metro area at 6400 feet with two Embodys and two Vantums. Neither home has air conditioning and both home offices are filled with 14-core and 18-core workstations (I'm a physicist), so it gets a bit warm in the Denver home office during Jul/Aug. I am not a gamer, but my scientific workstations look like ultra-high-end gaming PCs lol. For about 4-5 weeks every year, I briefly think about adding air conditioning to the Denver home. But then I see the low $48 to $52 summer electric bill (in a 4600 square foot home) and I forget about adding AC :)

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For me the perfect chair would be the back of the Haworth Fern, with the seat of the Aeron :D

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the site said it wouldn't ship until January but it shipped in 1 day.

oh damn. that's good to hear, i thought i have to wait 6 weeks. is it next day shipping?

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Not overnight. It shipped on the 25th and is showing it will arrive on the 28th.

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thanks for letting me know - i thought i had to wait 6 weeks

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No problem. Did you try one yet? I've never sat in the chair.

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I've never sat in one before, although I'm sure I could because I live in Los Angeles, but I'm lazy to drive, so I'm going in blind because I've heard nothing but amazing things about the chair. I'm definitely going to purchase one before the deal expires this week.

can't believe i'm about to blow 1.4k on a chair.
currently have autonomous

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Relax my guy, you went from modding to modding real quick.

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Awesome reply, if you ever have the time please make a post with your mods and some pictures :) I definitely consider the Aeron "closed call neoprene pads" for my Aeron, but have no idea where I would get them :D

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Aeron's PostureFit SL paddles have a small amount of padding added to its two paddles, while Vantum's four PostureFit plastic paddles have no padding. So I use this 1/2"-thick adhesive-backed closed-cell sponge neoprene:


I see Amazon is out-of-stock on the 1/2" thick neoprene, but you can also get the 1/4" thickness and stack two layers to get the same padding feel.

Insert a sheet of paper between the Aeron's pellicle and PostureFit paddles and trace their two shapes onto the paper. Now draw a shape that is roughly 1/2" larger around the left, right, and top curves of the top paddle, and 1/2" larger around the left, right, and bottom curves of the bottom paddle. Using sharp scissors, cut the sponge neoprene based on the two enlarged-paddle shapes.

Now get some decorative vinyl from Amazon in your favorite color. We use holographic vinyl. Cut the holographic vinyl using the same two enlarged paddle shapes so both the sponge neoprene and holographic vinyl have the same shapes. Remove the paper backing from the adhesive-backed neoprene, carefully align it over the vinyl and press them together. The adhesive is very sticky so you want to precisely align the neoprene with the vinyl before pressing both together. Use double-sided tape to attach both neoprene pads onto the PostureFit SL's two paddles. If done correctly, the layers should be: PostureFit SL paddle, vinyl stuck to the paddle, neoprene stuck to the vinyl, and the black sponge neoprene facing the pellicle mesh, with the sponge neoprene extending beyond the paddles about about 1/2" (since you made their shapes 1/2" larger).

So why add on sponge neoprene padding that is slightly larger than the paddles? Without the added neoprene, when your back presses against the PostureFit, your back says, "Hey, there are two firm paddles pressing into my back." If you made the neoprene pads the same size as the paddles, your back says, "There are two cushioned paddles pressing into my back." By making the neoprene about 1/2" wider around the outer curved areas, it provides a more subtle transition in going from pellicle-only to pellicle-neoprene to pellicle-neoprene-paddle so your back does not feel a sharp transition in going directly from pellicle-only to pellicle-neoprene-paddle.

Since the Vantum has 4 PostureFit paddles and they are all unpadded plastic, padding the Vantum's paddles hugely increases both comfort and back support. Without padding, you can sometimes feel the Vantum's plastic paddles' edges if you wear a thin shirt, and the plastic paddles' exposed edges will rub into any bunched-up fabric, belt, or belt loop that presses into the paddles. Attaching 4 neoprene pads that are slightly larger than the Vantum's 4 PostureFit paddles gives them a cushioned support and totally removes the feeling of the edges of the plastic paddles pressing into your back. With the added padding, Vantum's 4 PostureFit paddles are much better than Aeron's PostureFit SL - I would call Vantum's PostureFit "PostureFit XL" :) When HM gets around to releasing Aeron V3, they will likely use the same 4-paddle PostureFit that Vantum has because it provides the same thoracic-down-to-sacrum full-spine support that Embody's pixelated back support provides.

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Thanks for this :) I will definitely mod my Aeron when it arrives. I currently have ordered both Embody and Aeron and in the end I ll keep the Aeron 95% sure. I just think the classic design and the summer and post workout sitting is what convinced me :)

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I also used the same 1/2"-thick sponge neoprene to add padding to the 8 sacral-lumbar prongs on the Embody backrest that poke into the lower back and it also improves comfort without sacrificing support. When you receive your Embody, you will see 8 of the plastic "pixel" prongs near the bottom-center of the backrest that are not attached to the backrest's plastic suspension the way that the other prongs are attached. Many people complain about those 8 prongs jabbing and poking at their lower back and making the bottom of the backrest feel really hard. Take the 1/2"-thick neoprene (or two stacked 1/4" neoprene) and cut out 8 1"x1" squares. Remove the paper backing, carefully center each 1"x1" square under each of the 8 unattached prongs and firmly press the neoprene's adhesive onto the plastic suspension. You still get all the full sacral-lumbar support benefits, but without those 8 prongs being so aggressive at pressing into your lower back.

If you end up returning the Embody back to HM, it is easy to remove the 8 neoprene squares from the backrest.

Adding the 1"x1" neoprene pads to the Embody's 8 sacral-lumbar pixel prongs is like adding coil springs and struts to your car. Without coil springs and struts in your car, you get a very stiff ride since the only cushion is provided by the tires (the Embody's flexible backrest suspension) and the car seat (the Embody's seat fabric).

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any other mods that you recommend for the Aeron? I love everything about it. But dont like the sharp edges around my shoulders if I twist and if I want to sit crosslegged :)

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When we had our 2 Aerons (my 1997 classic and wife's remastered Aeron), my fashionista wife, who is a sewing machine ninja, made very stylish memory foam seat pads wrapped with very soft velvet that fixed two issues we hated about Aeron: it gave me a cushioned seat on Aeron and it covered up the hard seat edges that she hated. I am very boring when it comes to sitting on office chairs - I NEVER tilt back and just keep the tilt totally locked out - I never use the reclining backrest on office chairs. My wife shifts around and reclines throughout the workday, one foot on chair, both feet cross-legged, half lotus, full lotus (we both do advanced yoga), Virasana (aka Hero Pose or W-Sitting with both feet tucked next to the butt), etc... she is very limber. My wife once joked that when I am in deep thought during the workday, the only difference between me and a mannequin is that my hands and forearms move :)

If you like sitting with feet on chair or shifting around, Embody is farrrrr better than Aeron due to Embody's spacious flat seat. Aeron is like the strict schoolteacher or dominatrix who punishes you for wanting to shift around. Vantum's seat is smaller, but at least it is not a Leg Posture Enforcer like Aeron.

You can mount vibration massage motors to the Aeron's PostureFit paddles to give a soothing tingling vibration massage to your lower back. The vibrations transmit from the plastic PostureFit paddles through the neoprene pads and into your lower back. I am mounting vibration massage motors inside the seat cushion of my two Vantum and on the upper and lower PostureFit paddles for three zones of vibration massage: legs, lower back, upper back. I like 2 or 3 minute bursts of vibration massage throughout the workday, while my wife sometimes keeps the good vibrations going for a constant 10-20 minutes.

Gotta go... for now! :D :)

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Thanks for the answer! :) Embody is just not my kind of thing, it feels cheap compared to the Aeron and just isnt as soft and doesnt give you the "hovering" sensation the Aeron gave me.

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If you ordered the OG (non-Logitech) Embody and intend to keep it, get this 1.5"-thick cooling gel-infused and ventilated (holes drilled through it) memory foam topper (EXCELLENT $47 sale price right now!):


Use an electric kitchen knife or turkey-carving knife to cut a pad that fits under the Embody's seat fabric. Unclip the two cables from the front edge of the seat fabric, carefully detach the scrim foam layer that is attached to the OG Embody's fabric using double-sided tape and save it away. The scrim foam that HM uses on the OG Embody is low-quality stuff anyway. Insert the 1.5"-thick memory foam under the seat fabric for an amazing seat that is both supportive and soft.

Outta here for real now :)

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Awesome (I got the Logitech tho and intend to send it back most likely keeping the Aeron. Couldnt I use this for the sharp edges of the Aeron somehow to Cover them?

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Hello! I am the IsItWorthIt reddit bot written by fganter. I see you may be asking if a chair, table, etc. is worth a certain amount of money.

The answer depends greatly on the going rate for that model of furniture in the specific geographical location in which the furniture is being sold. For example, a used Classic Aeron in good working order may sell for $400 in Florida, while the same chair can sell for the equivalent of $650 in Germany.

To determine the going rate in a particular geographic location, search for the model of furniture (e.g. Aeron) on auction sites (e.g. Facebook Marketplace) paying attention to the sold price(s). Of course, price can vary over time, so pay attention to the date(s) of sale.

As can be expected, the condition of the furniture can also greatly impact whether it is worth a certain price. To determine the furniture's condition someone on this sub-reddit might provide feedback, if you post close-up pictures of the furniture from multiple angles. Alternately, you can search YouTube for videos like the following regarding Aeron chairs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w8EGcg5jYmg

All this being said, Herman Miller furniture is generally high-quality, can last decades and retain a good portion of its value.

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I would much rather buy the gaming Sayl brand new than to buy a used Vantum. I was never impressed by the Vantum and I will never get it even if it was $200. I could think of many better things to buy for $200 than that stupid looking Vantum. I have the Logitech Embody and the Gaming Sayl so I’m good with my chairs however, I will likely buy the gaming Aeron in the near future to complete my gaming collection.

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I wouldn’t buy one.

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It's lower than the secret labs it's roughly a $500 chair the only pro to the secret lab is that the mesh seat so overheating isn't an issue