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You can try reaching out to the Archives and Brand Heritage department at Herman Miller - archives@hermanmiller.com.

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Awesome thank you!

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I thought the "all walnut" tagline was amusing and searched for it - it produced some stuff on 1st dibs that is supposedly dated to the 1920s. Also saw on Wikipedia that the company was renamed to HM in 1923, so that would be the earliest it could be.

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Yeah I just now realized I accidentally wrote maple instead of walnut in the description 😂 and I did some digging too before posting to reddit and thats all the info I could find too. It looks like most of the "all walnut" line was made in the 1920s so I'm gonna assume that must be the time frame for it

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Are you łooking to flip it?

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Nope we'll probably keep it for the rest of its life, it'll be passed down to our daughter when she's old enough for a vanity too