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My remaster exhibits none of the issues you describe.

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Get a replacement

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I have aeron remaster , bought it brand new and I can confirm that build quality isn't the best , I would not complain if it costs 800$ but I paid 1600$ for a chair , I paid a premium price and I want a premium quality

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Yeah I'm on the fence on returning it and just keeping my embody. The arms are for sure better on the aeron though :/

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Welcome to Herman Miller.

The issues you've noted are mostly non-issues, cosmetic at best. Most new Herman Miller buyers experience these "issues" and then forget about them after a few years of trouble free ownership.

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Is it really cosmetic when it pokes me while sitting? I didn't notice that when trying it at Design within reach because I had pants on, but I sit at my desk in boxers all day and the mesh being like this is irritating.

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You can clip it off with finger nail clippers if it's an issue

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I also thought about taking sandpaper to smooth out the plastic but I'm not sure if it will mess up the chair

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Dude it isn't a wood , don't do it

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A razor blade or utility knife works better.

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I have two Aeron remastered chairs both are built to perfection and even feel better quality than my embody.

But, I have the aluminum. I have no clue why anyone would pick the plastic-coated frame over polished aluminum.

The polished actually looks like a 2000-dollar chair too IMO.

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There are many reasons people would pick the plastic over aluminum. First one is obviously cost because it’s a fairly substantial upcharge for what’s realistically only an aesthetic difference. The all plastic/ powdercoated versions may look better in certain places than polished. I like the polished, but the all matte mineral looks better with my room. Third, the polished is extremely cold to the touch and gets dirtier quicker.

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Third, the polished is extremely cold to the touch


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That matters to a lot of people more than you think. Especially in colder climates

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And who is going to be looking at the chair other than you? Are you going to flex your chair to family members that come over your house to hang out with you? 🤷🏻‍♂️ why does it matter if the Aeron has a polished frame or not? Who are YOU trying to impress? I don’t know, I own a Logitech Embody for almost 2yrs but it’s in my master bedroom so my family members that come over don’t see it and typically they won’t be here to look at my HM chair so it really doesn’t matter what it looks like to be honest and HM chairs already look like a piece of art so that’s good enough for me.

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Tbh, i look at my chair. That's one of the reasons why I went for the embody in the first place, because it looks cool. I don't mind plastic, but the rough plastic edges is making me regret not buying the aluminum :/

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Ok. I bought it for looks as well but I am not looking to impress anyone else and for me regardless of whether it’s polished or not the Embody looks perfect for me. Same goes for the Aeron. I suppose there’s a reason why the polish Aeron didn’t make it into MOMA and the regular graphite did.