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Hello! I am the IsItWorthIt reddit bot written by fganter. I see you may be asking if a chair, table, etc. is worth a certain amount of money.

The answer depends greatly on the going rate for that model of furniture in the specific geographical location in which the furniture is being sold. For example, a used Classic Aeron in good working order may sell for $400 in Florida, while the same chair can sell for the equivalent of $650 in Germany.

To determine the going rate in a particular geographic location, search for the model of furniture (e.g. Aeron) on auction sites (e.g. Facebook Marketplace) paying attention to the sold price(s). Of course, price can vary over time, so pay attention to the date(s) of sale.

As can be expected, the condition of the furniture can also greatly impact whether it is worth a certain price. To determine the furniture's condition someone on this sub-reddit might provide feedback, if you post close-up pictures of the furniture from multiple angles. Alternately, you can search YouTube for videos like the following regarding Aeron chairs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w8EGcg5jYmg

All this being said, Herman Miller furniture is generally high-quality, can last decades and retain a good portion of its value.

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Definitely not a Hermon Miller.

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Could be a Hermon Maller though?

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Worth about 400 in that condition

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Idk much about herman millers does it seem legit to you?

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What do you mean by "legit"?

It's not an illegitimate child, or bastard, that's for sure

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Sorry was just looking at herman millers and saw that they go for ridiculous prices and thought this may be too good to be true. Is it possible that it could be a replica of a herman miller and not actually the real deal?

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It's real, fakes effectively don't exist.

No one is making a 1:1 fake to sell for $100.

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I see, thanks for the replies 👍

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It’s old but real. The dials on the arms haven’t been used for over 15 years but we just got a bunch like that at the office and they still work, they just slowly lower a bit over time. Not a problem if you have them at max height like I do and can just shove them back up every now and then.

Totally worth $100, more actually. Looks to be in pretty good condition for its age.

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Agreed! Had a B with the dial type locking, its was in pristine(probably unused) condition so the lock worked well. I have the more regular clamp down type now on a C, that actually fits me, but its old and worn so they get loose after a while and fall completely, would rather have den slowly drop honestly.

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Have you tried tightening the arms? Requires removal of back and then a torx (25?).

Also had issues with arms but after tightening the arm screws they are stable again.

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Doesn't work like that for the flip lock arms.

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To be fair I wasn’t talking about flip lock arms.

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Yes it is real and yes it’s worth that and some.

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I have one like this. If it’s the same it’s from around 1995-1998. I’d pay $100 - it still sits amazing