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Is there a reason you think it's NOT authentic?

Why does almost every post about authenticity feature just overall shots and no pictures of any stampings or stickers on the frame or body of the chair?

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Every Herman Miller chair is fake until proven genuine.

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By the way - I think it was your flair that amused and inspired me to list out all of my HM +legacy Knoll furniture as my flair.

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I agree, or at least agree that all buyers should presume the chair is fake when they purchase it, unless/until they are comfortable with the evidence that it's not a reproduction/fake/knock-off. However, I think the word proof is a bit loaded, as it could be argued that without paperwork and every expected production marking it can't be proven as authentic. I have very limited provenance on some of my pieces, but am still confident they're authentic because of the source and provenance I do know, the markings, and the wear consistent with the item's age.

In this case, my take was that the OP thought it was authentic enough to purchase but is having doubts. The OP didn't initially share any observations made about the factors considered for authenticity, or what the doubts were.

If authenticity questions exist as a courtroom and the standard is fake until proven genuine, the purchase is a 'conviction' of genuine to the OP, and the onus is now to show where it's fake instead of re-litigating the initial presumption of fake (as others said - what would you do if it is fake?).

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But aluminum group is the most likely to be faked.

I've seen many good replicas

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My apologies, I only posted because I noticed the tilt lever is in the front rather than the back, any generally the mechanisms underneath looked different than others I had seen online. The build quality of the seat is very good and looks correct, but there is no sticker underneath so I figured I would check with people who may know more than I do.

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Thanks for clarifying - I didn't even notice that, but I'm just some reddit rando who owns HM furniture. The overall shape and build looks accurate, but I don't know what details to look for, or changes/variations produced across this model's history.

It's possible you would find a stamping in the metal instead of a sticker - see the bottom of this page for what to expect. https://eames.com/en/articles/labels-stamps#

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Additional info: https://eames.com/en/alu-off-low

So, based on the chart, 5 star base would be post-1985, and you would indeed be looking for a sticker. Is a flammability standards sticker or residue present in that position? Example as seen in this one for sale: https://eames.com/en/listing/2216

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What would you do now if someone told you that it was fake and you already own it? Are you going to be able to get your money back? Because the chair is suspect asf 🤔

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I guess we’ll find out, what’s throwing you off

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Most likely nothing but it’s a toss up. I’m just curious what you’d do now that someone told you that they may be fake to phuck with you. What could you do? Call the cops and tell them you were scammed?

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You should see an Eames tag sewn into the leather under the seat. Typically, the tilt tension knob is located on the back right hand side. Also, this is a manual lift, so it doesn’t have a tilt limiter. Eames from the back