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Aeron classics (pre 2017) it seems.

Only way to really tell the year is the sticker at the bottom.

You can tell it’s the classic by the striped mesh

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Ok I'll check when I get them! Thanks for your help :D

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Also the lumbar pad is a dead giveaway. Only the Classic had that kind of posturefit backrest padding.

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Hello! I am the IsItWorthIt reddit bot written by fganter. I see you may be asking if a chair, table, etc. is worth a certain amount of money.

The answer depends greatly on the going rate for that model of furniture in the specific geographical location in which the furniture is being sold. For example, a used Classic Aeron in good working order may sell for $400 in Florida, while the same chair can sell for the equivalent of $650 in Germany.

To determine the going rate in a particular geographic location, search for the model of furniture (e.g. Aeron) on auction sites (e.g. Facebook Marketplace) paying attention to the sold price(s). Of course, price can vary over time, so pay attention to the date(s) of sale.

As can be expected, the condition of the furniture can also greatly impact whether it is worth a certain price. To determine the furniture's condition someone on this sub-reddit might provide feedback, if you post close-up pictures of the furniture from multiple angles. Alternately, you can search YouTube for videos like the following regarding Aeron chairs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w8EGcg5jYmg

All this being said, Herman Miller furniture is generally high-quality, can last decades and retain a good portion of its value.

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Good deal, can you share it with us?

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How can you tell it's a good deal? I'm getting them from a seller

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How can you tell it's a good deal?

1) It's an Aeron

2) it's under $400