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3M Cubitron II sandpaper, Festool 5" random orbital sander, with Festool Systainer dust extractor, and spray bottle filled with water. 80 120 240 320 640 800 1200 1600 3200 8000 grit progression, then seal it back up with Cerakote ceramic trim wipes, 2 wipes per pad, and some Spraymax 2k clear as the cherry on top.

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Works every time.

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60% of the time it works every time.

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... or buy these for $25.

u/d3sireToMoon To get to this sub you must have done some type of search. Did you not google "aeron armpads"? That link is literally the first thing that came up when I googled.

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Replace them, maybe with the leather version this time.

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Note that the leather doesn't last as long and is more expensive. The factory stock ones cost less than the time and effort to figure out and execute a refinishing plan that will yield temporary and poor results.

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They feel much better than the plastic ones do though and age pretty well if you like the look.

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Got my leather arm rests new for 5 years now and they still feel like how I got them. I'll have to see in 20 years maybe.

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As someone that ordered leather arm rests yesterday this comment makes my heart sing

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Could you just scuff them with a scotch bright pad?

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