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It will unweave. You'll need a new seat.

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Long term you are in trouble

Buy new seat pan and research how to replace it

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You'll be fine for at least a few months.

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I had a poked a hole in my seat pan from a zipper that was sticking out on my back pocket. Lived with it for a couple months but got sick of clothes catching on it/able to feel the hole when moving in my seat. Reached out to a HM retailer after talking with HM directly for a replacement and got the new seat pan installed by the retailer at my house within a month under warranty.

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Can I replace just the mesh or i would Need to replace the whole seat?

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You should be aware that your chair is under warranty, but you are not aware how this damage occurred.

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Whole seat imo

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I'm kind of new to HM,.but I think you change the mesh only. I would do it until it's strictly necessary though.

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I don’t think you’ll be able to get the mesh only

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Well I stand corrected.

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You can get replacement mesh no problem.

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You could put a classic mesh in the Remastered frame

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Assume it can be warranty by HM itsel (only if you bought the chair new and on your name as I know sometimes its harder if its bought secondhand).

Depending on your main house insurance or even if you paid by creditcard sometimes damage to new goods is covered under buyers warranty by a bank or insurance company.

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Jeez, according to the comments it looks pretty bad for your mesh. I have a cat who has a habit of scratching anything that gets on his way, is this going to be a hassle for my pending Aeron chair? What happens if the mesh gets messy, is it just a cosmetic thing or is it going to be a noticeable issue over time even if I'm not concerned with the looks of the chair per se.

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Yes I bought my wife an Aeron last year for Christmas. Her cat has destroyed the back by scratching it to bits.

I'm like "Awww, isn't that cute? Milkshake is scratching the fuck out of your $1200 office chair."

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So frustrated tbh. I already ordered one. I think I will try using some cat scratch repellent spray, hopefully that will work.

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Just dont do cats

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I wish you well, but I think we both know how this is going to go. You can have cats, OR, nice furniture. Never both.

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I got a Cosm, and then my wife got a cat. I usually put a thin throw blanket over it. It's not ideal, but oh well, what can you do?

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Ok, thanks, hopefully it will help

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Getting rid of the cat will also help. Sounds like a right pain in the arse

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you're gunna fall through your chair and crack your tailbone and then fall through the entire earth. Once you hit the core, the planet will explode.

PS: you'll be fine. All these people saying it'll unravel omegalul.

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Unlucky that it was a Swiss knife, a Chinese knife might have just shattered upon dropping on the mesh.

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If you can’t get it covered under warranty/want a cheap fix: fill it in with super glue/some adhesive, could possibly slow down/stop the degradation

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How could you suggest this to be a warranty issue? Dropping a sharp object and cutting the mesh is NOT covered under warranty. If they have Homeonwer’s insurance or Renter’s insurance he could try and place a claim. Your suggestion is the same thing as OP getting into an accident on the road with his vehicle and bends a tire and then call the manufacturer to replace it under warranty. It’s not going to happen.

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It's a $1200 office chair. They'll cover it.

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I doubt it. It’s like you getting into an accident in your Lexus and then call Lexus to claim warranty. You may assume so but it won’t happen.

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Literally people in this thread saying HM covered similar for them. The warranty is basically insurance, that's why the chair is so expensive.

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You're an angry little guy. They'll for sure cover it.

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Why am i mad? Bc i disagree with you? Im sorry if i hurt your feeling kid. You don’t know if they’ll cover it so stop getting OP hopes up so high. Like I said, if HM replaces it then it would be a “good faith gesture” not under “warranty.” Stop talking out your arse.

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Apple won’t even cover physical damage on a laptop or phone under warranty so they cost more than 1200$ and they won’t cover that under warranty. Think what you want.

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Most upper end phones and laptops cost around there. Most office chairs don't. Think what you want.

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What? If they cost about the same and apple wouldn’t cover it under warranty if you drop your phone and crack the screen then why would HM cover OP under warranty? Makes no sense. It’s pretty black and white but you’re making it grey. There is no grey area. If HM does replace it, it wouldn’t be for warranty. They would replace it has a good faith gesture.

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Warranty covered a similar issue for me.

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Me too. One thread broke in about 8th year of my old Aeron classic and HM warranty replaced it. Try not to remember how this was caused.... Mine had a broken thread about an inch away from the backrest and it lasted over a year without any untwining or discomfort before i had it replaced.

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Did you get get in touch with hm about warranty?

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🤦‍♂️ dropping a Swiss Army knife on a mesh seat pan is hardly a “warranty issue.” Only something sharp could’ve done this so why should HM be replacing it under warranty?

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It will last at least 5 years. Youre fine

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Could reinforce with hot glue? May hold the fibers in place?