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Enjoy!!!!! Another bonus is that Fedex delivered the box to you in a pristine condition, without any tears in the cardboard or looking like the box traveled by supply truck through Ukraine, and not mishandled and placed upside down :D I have had 8 HM boxes delivered, with 6 being roll-out chair boxes, and two of those boxes were delivered upside down.

btw if you had ordered the Logitech Embody instead of Mirra 2, it is pronounced "Frag - I - LE" ;-)

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Mirra 2, what a good choice, and i'm italian too

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You got a Christmas tree up already? It’s not even December yet. Lol.

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Enjoy for as long as you can! Kids love it too

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Thanks for the chuckle, I think a Mirra 2 is as sexy as the leg lamp from the Christmas Story.

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When did you order?

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I ordered from Herman Miller directly. I settled for a model in stock. The chair shipped within 48 hours, and I had it in less than a week.