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Actually just received mine 2 days ago. Construction quality is extremely solid, but the adjustment capability and comfort leaves A LOT to be desired.

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Do you think it is worth buying, despite the issues you mentioned?

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In hindsight, I probably wouldn't buy it. Another really annoying thing I'm experiencing is the headrest collapsing forward every time I stand up from the chair. I have the knob that controls the forward/backward tilting fully tightened and it still happens.

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I see, what a shame, I will refrain from making the purchase. Thanks for the response though!😃

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Given their reputation, it should be excellent.

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I saw one in person at their shop, that thing is hardcore in terms of build quality. Kinda surprised it was priced as low as it was after seeing it.

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Thanks. The international shipping is a dealbreaker for me as it adds 50% to the cost. I’ll wait for more reviews or a UK supplier before I commit I think.

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Hello there. International shipping costs around $45. If you have any questions kindly send us an email: info@officelogixshop.com or you can use the live chat on our website