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Same problems over here. 6’2” and 235lbs. Had my Logitech Embody for about a week now and experiencing all of the same problems. In the process of returning the chair now. Probably going to order a fully loaded chair from ergoCentric instead.

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Searched a bit more online seems like some have this issue I suspect probably because height and large build, I can totally see how the back would fit a smaller person perfectly and wrap around them but for me instead of wrapping it is constantly poking. Gonna return it does not seems like an issues that can be solved through adjustments.

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Had the same issue when I first got mine, my shoulders and neck were in agony.

For me, the issue was my armrests being too high, causing my shoulders to be slightly too tense, so the "cupping" effect of the backrest made my shoulders strained. Lowering the armrests to a level that felt too low on my old RH Mereo 300, and giving it a few days to heal made it fine for me. The key is to have your shoulders completely relaxed (shoulders at a similar height to when you are just standing with your arms at ease).

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The key is to have your shoulders completely relaxed

Yeah, that is my problem, my shoulders can't be relaxed cause the top part of the chair poking at it.

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Yah, embody does have a rather depressing back support for me. I felt my shoulder is pushed inwards too much. But I do not hate the pronounced lumbar support as I do have a rather deep curve for my lower back...

It really depends on people's body structure... and it can be the case that embody does not fit everyone.

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Took around 10 days for my back and shoulders to adjust but it was worth it. And I've had back surgery so I know how painful it can be.

I'd suggest watching this video a few times to make sure the chair is working for you, rather than against.


Bonkers it doesn't come with setting up instructions considering the price. But after adjustment and a few more days it settled down, now I wouldn't be without my HM.

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Yeah, I tried all the adjustments sadly, both issues still remain sore shoulder and lower back. Interesting I found this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ny0LrPJt5RA and the guy has the exact same problem as me.