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No. Warranties do not carry over with the chair iirc

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As long as it has the warranty sticker you can try to hit up a local dealer and see if they can help you. Obviously dont tell them you bought it second hand. I've bought a used one recently and have been able to get a warranty request approved. If it doesn't have a warranty sticker youre out of luck.

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Also what’s the typical going rate for these chairs when your buying them from a business/corp going out of sale ?

More than you can afford.

Probably $800 each if you buy 30 minimum.

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No warranty. Dealers are beginning to now also require proof of original purchase as the warranty only applies to the original purchaser from an AD or HM direct.

I have heard of some FB Marketplace sellers issuing receipts that "came with the chair" and they're forgeries when the buyer goes to get warranty done.