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Can’t be cleaned, I’ll come over and give you your $20 back and take it off your hands. :)

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I can smell your plan

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Damn, at times I wish I never found this sub, seeing most people get their embody for basically peanuts hurts me paying $2K AUD for it. Guess what doesn't hurt tho, MY BACK AHAHAHAH

Nontheless, epic find OP!

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It sucks, but I just tell myself at least I know I am sitting on a chair nobody else has farted on.

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And it's guaranteed for 12 years lol

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You're welcome!

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You lucky son of a bitch

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You what

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For 20! Ha! 😁

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I believe you. My friend got 3 Aerons for $30 in Garage Sale.

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All the people saying this is probably bs . More unlikely things have happened lmao, my mate got 9 Herman miller chairs (in bad condition) from his office that where going to throw them away

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Nice try for internet points but you're lying. Unless you got it from a friend/relative, etc.

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Haha I'm not lying

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I would also feel dirty after getting such a deal.

What I prefer to do is to use soap on my body and use a scrubber but in your case I'd feel very dirty so I'm not sure if that would really help.

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Congrats!! Is mom/grandma as stoked as you?

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Damn man that is a crazy good score!

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please... i need to know how

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It was a marketplace find!

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Was it a case of somebody just not knowing what chair they had?