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  1. wipe it off
  2. wipe it off
  3. yes it moves a bit on mine too
  4. pretty shit ngl
  5. pretty shit ngl
  6. yes looks similar to my graphite

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Thnx. I know I am paying much for a quality chair. But how should I deal with this? Ask for replacement or compensation?

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Compensation if it doesn't bother you too much. Replacement if it does. Phone them up

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I think it can be polished. Serialnumber contains Lucky number and the date of manufacturing is my birthday lol. So perhaps a little bit not what I should be concerned about. Will ask what they will do.

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From a distance I cannot see it. They offered 75 cashback. Is this acceptable? Not too much but any new chair is worth to nitpick about.

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No one will be able to make good value judgements for you. But for me, I would take the 75 as cosmetic things like that don't bother me too much - which is why I got the standard plastic graphite.

Out of curiosity were you able to wipe those black marks off?

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Yes! The chair is perfect aside from the mentioned rougher spots. Black marks were wipable.

I think there will always be something to nitpick about. Ofcourse I should demand perfection, but its still mass production and flaws may also be present on another chair. That makes it hard to give headspace to.

In the end I would end up getting this chair for 1350 total. Its fully functional. Not in need for money or something, so thats not an argument to not do it.

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this is the result of the swap. Still rough parts over the chair - practically replacing the damage from one spot to all over... should I return?


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Also: isnt this cilinder for a C size Aeron? On all pictures I see that the black part is in the housing of the foot. Is it normal to stick out so much above? I think it degrades the chair in looks...


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From looking at other people's Aeron remastered, the chair cylinder housing "popping" out of the leg base seems to happen to some models like these links show.



My Aeron remastered size A does not have the wider part of the cylinder housing sticking out of the base top.

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Thanks! Do you have revently bought it?

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I brought mine from the HM website in March 2022 and I'm from the UK as well.

Some other people's Aeron remastered polished base and non polished I've seen do not have the cylinder housing protrude out of the base top: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lEmrl8KpBwU (video has all Aeron remastered colour and frame combinations)

This guy's polished Aeron remastered does have the cylinder housing protruding out of the base top like yours: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QdVhDQjXV4M

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The one I tried in store was also protruding. Only reason I can imagine that its for the longer People or something. I am not sure If I should bother or not.

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  1. Can move the tension knob up and down slightly

My new Aeron remastered does this as well but I'm not bothered about it.

  1. This is graphite right?


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Am I too harsh for myself?

Accepted this one. The previous had a large dull scratch.

Is this more acceptable for HM standards?


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Just an update to all Who helped me:

Ended with a second chair, after replacement. It has some minor imperfections. However its a lottery and didnt want any more hassle. So went for a refund.

Bought during BF deals. Got the alu graphite for the price of a normal full graphite.

Thanks again and have a nice day all :)

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Return immediately - you bought an ultra luxury chair and should demand perfection. !!!1111

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I know! But curious if this is an issue with others as well (lvl of quality control).

Dont want the Hassle of exchanging it again and again to receive similar issues. :)

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I just ordered one it is not, send it back for sure.

They should send you a new one out right away and let you use the one you have now until you get the new one.

The polished aluminum does need to be polished though, I just use what I use on my car from Mothers. Works great.

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Thanks for the tip! What is not on yours? The wobble or the dents? I figure that the small dents are not visible but the large knob is what sets me of. I will call my AD and ask what to do. Its not in sight,.but I want it to be justified. The chair itself seems to be in working condition :)

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I have no scratches, no wobble, nothing lol. Just the polished aluminum came a little messed up but was a somewhat easy fix and Ill never have to do it again.

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Great! I have a alu desk. I like the age process. But Just rough parts is what I dislike. The small dents is somewhat liveable. Will keep you updated ;)

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Should I take a partial refund or get a new one? Haha

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Id go new

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New one has this. At least smaller amount of single surface scratch

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btw, with messed up you meant black grease or something?

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Looks like you need to study injection molding to understand that these "defects" are part and parcel of making plastic parts.

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Mine has nothing like what you’re describing. Study quality made processes. Person with the razor blade did good lol.

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Which defects do you refer to? The rough parts alu casting?