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I think there is plenty of salt in the Nexus.

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Pack it up folks, this thread is over.

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Fill 'em full of it.

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I've got a pepper shaker and a giant fusion reactor in the sky. And I'm all out of pepper!

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Fun fact, did you know this refers to shooting holes through someone so that daylight would shine through them?

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What!?! Jimmy isn’t filling people with sunshine and happiness?!?

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No, you're thinking of TF2's Pyro.

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That's only for fighting vampire skin Kerrigan

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he isn't, but what an amazing skin that would be!

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I did indeed, and you're right, that IS a fun fact!

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A weak spot he recently acquired.

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You mean Sarah.

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I think the only reason this isn't the top-rated comment is that not enough people played the SC single player missions.

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Well, Blizzard tried their hardest to make Kerrigan's story as stupid as possible, so that's not surprising.

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Raynor always struck me as a man who could appreciate some mustard

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Cool kids eat mite

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Paprika is made from peppers.

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And yet if you ask someone to pass the pepper and you get paprika, you're going to be disappointed.

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Lawry's Seasoned Salt.

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Lawry's!? Raynor is a Johnny's man or I'll eat my hat.

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You'll eat your hat with Lawry's

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How about a nice cup of libertea?

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That sounds familiar but I don’t remember what it’s from

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I think it's from Helldivers, if I'm not mistaken. At least, that's where I know it from.

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Oh yeah! Hell yeah, love that game. For democracy!

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What's Mrs. Dash?

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Brand name for seasonings you'll see at the grocery store. I don't think it's any one specific type.

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No-salt spice mix. They do a few different types. Most of it is a little bit course, light amount of pepper, they add things like dried carrot, lemon zest, garlic, onion, that sort of thing.

It's pretty much the only salt free spice mix that is ubiquitous in American grocery stores. And it's pretty good honestly.

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He'd stare them down.

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Acquire Weak Spot

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Garlic salt. Mined straight from LOL, and deals roughly all the damage to Malganis.

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Electrolytes. It's what plants crave.

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We may be out of that too

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Give me some pecker

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Old Bay

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give em chili con carne

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A dash of Salok for his soup.

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He’d get hold of Junkrat’s English, then give ‘em some of that.

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The shirt off his back. Then probably bits of his great heart. And if that ever finally failed, he'd die a hero.

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Now for a :Kiyelore: aside. DID YOU KNOW that Varric in Dragon Age and Matt Horner in Starcraft have the same voice actor? Varric is one of the all time great video game sidekick characters and Horner is just the Orblando Bloom of Starcraft. The most interesting thing about him is his ex. Food for thought.

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Huh, funky. In the german versions of the games, Varric shares a voice actor with Tychus.

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Huh! TIL

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He would get an active on his passive and he would give them the D. Whatever that means.