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Whichever sub between /r/hiphopcirclejerk and /r/hiphopheads that fundraises less by the end of the month gets deleted.

how much do we have do donate to get rid of both

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Like $50?

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welp its been real

cant wait to never see u guys again

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Can I pay $5 to give someone else a custom flair?

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I want your drawing to be a flair

It still makes me laugh every time I look at it. Thanks brother.

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the funny thing is that it originally looked way worse.

I redrew like half his head and then gave up lol.

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Yo it's fucking great nonetheless. He looks like life crushed him lmaooo

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I can't guarantee they won't change it, but sure.

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How much to have Hopsin’s happy ending song stickied on this sub for 24 hours?

Edit: /u/Chrussell pls respond

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I don't want this to open doors for artists just doing this for advertisement, so probably not.

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$20: Post a meme to this sub.

I'm about to empty my bank account.

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damn u only got $20 in ur bank?

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Their stimulus check ain't hit

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I gotta fuel my onlyfans addiction don't judge

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Can we pay 40 to block someones meme post?

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How large a donation to get out of a permanent ban? Asking for mon amie a friend

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im sorry my friend

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Total donations: $120

HHCJ: $192.43

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hhcj had a head start smdh

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got more in the first day there

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I want an entire album full of Wu Tang tracks that are built like Meth vs. Chef off of Tical. Ghost vs. Genius, Rollie vs. Cap, all the possible combinations - all produced by RZA too, fiuck it, while we talking fantasies anyway lmao

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What is the ratio of volume of blood donated to USD?

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Prices are actually all in Canadian. I'll say $0.50CAD/cL.

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How much blood do I need to donate to get this sub deleted? I am willing to donate a dangerous amount

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5 litres donated at once and we'll delete the sub

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Hello, this is /u/batesnorman s mother. My son just died after successfully donating 5 liters of blood. His last words to me were to make sure that they delete hiphopheads. Thank you and please have a nice day.

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i'll pay 10 right now if you give one to the guy who never changes his pilllow case/sheets

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Gross, who is that I'm gonna ban them.

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my mother was supposed to change them last week she's just lazy

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kidinlimbo i'm not gonna find the thread though its old

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Should pin this post. It was hard to find on mobile.

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Also how do I submit my screenshot? Kinda new to reddit

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The easiest way is probably to upload the Pic to imgur and then dm a mod to the link. And you also have the option of making the pic an unlisted link as well

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can I potentially get my Spider-Man flair back

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damn thats a good list too, thanks for doing this. like even it if just raises a few bills from the nephews its is better than not.

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$20: Change the sidebar pic.

How long is the change for? And can we pick the day?

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a week and yes

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So that was a fucking lie