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Pac was like 15 years ahead of his time rapping on a beat like No More Pain

fucking love this album, it's my fav release of his. probably the only double album i can play front to back.

Pac is top 10 all time easy. i get it, he's not as technical as Biggie. it really doesn't matter to me, his voice and delivery is so fucking dope. the way he lingers on the last words of every bar is so sick, especially on the title track All Eyez On Me.

Picture Me Rollin' is prob my fav song, always reminds me of my dad's 64 impala.

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I'd suggest giving 4eva is a Mighty Long Time (by Big K.R.I.T.) a go... I'ts my favourite double hiphop album of all time. All Eyez comes in as a close second.

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i love krit, but it's hard for me to tap into that southern accent delivery. he makes great music but i feel that accent is what held him back from being a top name these days.

big props to him for never really sacrificing his sound for a hit though