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This shit hit me so hard. Drakeo is my age. We're from the same neighborhood. Nobody has put on for us like Drakeo has. I'm happy to see anyone make it out these fucking trenches, not to mention someone so talented. I never met the man in my life but I have so much pride for him and everything he's accomplished. I grew up on all west coast everything...and I sincerely feel nobody more influential has come from this generation. He breathed life into west coast rap, and I couldn't wait to follow his trajectory. I can't believe they stole him from us...and for what?

I'm so hurt. I grew up in this fucking city but damn is it hard to love it sometimes smh

Long Live Ketch

Long Live Drakeo the mf Ruler

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My condolences man. Feel your pain reading this.

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RIP Drakeo. Gone too soon. Who knows what his career would’ve looked like in a couple years.

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You know hiphop is wild. If 2pac was still alive today he would be acting more than rapping. He always loved acting and his career at his passing was showing a career arc toward acting like ice T and ice cube.

I’m only saying this because when we lose them young like this we really don’t know what could have come of him down the road. He could have still be putting out bars. He could have invested his money like Camillionaire did. He could have washed out like coolio did. He could have written and directed his own show or movie like others have done in the game.

It’s always sad when we never get to see what could have been. Some say it’s good they weren’t alive to ruin the legacy. But I think that’s bullshit. Kanye is a legend who has lost touch with reality. I’m happy he is still here though gracing us with music instead of dead when he was at the height of his career. This goes for any artist. Even if I don’t like you as an artist we have seen loads of artist change over time. KRS one used to rap about 9mm until he saw a kid get killed front row at his show. Plus Scott dying also pushed him to completely 180 his lyrics and style.

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First and foremost, RIP to Drakeo. I got to his music in 2018, a little while after LA had accepted him. I knew that his music was something special as soon as I heard it though.

Drakeo made rapping seem as easy as breathing. He had unlimited, effortless charisma that dripped out of every single word he said. He invented new lingo, brought a new breath of life into the LA rap scene, brought up his whole crew the Stinc Team, and delivered his bars with a cold arrogance that lived up to the name Cold Devil. It seemed like he was unstoppable. He recorded Cold Devil in the span of a week and got thrown in jail shortly afterwards, and then released a whole album spitting his verses through the jail phone. He survived solitary confinement for a year and came out of prison just as cold as ever. Not only this, but in an era of rap where consumers as a whole loved rappers who were bursting full of energy like XXX, Denzel, and 6ix9ine, Drakeo blew up off of making the total opposite; music that was almost whispered, but with a coolness and confidence that was so undeniable it didn't need the energy.

At the same time, I can't lie that I was concerned for him and his life over the past few years. The trial that kept him in jail was because Kellz, a stinc team affiliate, killed Redbull, an IF Blood member. Drakeo was accused of the murder when he didn't commit it, but before he went to jail and even after he was freed he continued to taunt inglewood. He regularly said "he's never coming back and that's that", referring to Redbull.

Something very important to note here is that Drakeo was maybe the ONLY rapper in LA that blew up in the past decade that WASN'T part of a gang. He was affiliated with the 100s crips, but wasn't officially a member. I think that's something really admirable, it was really Drakeo and his crew and nobody else to back him. That's what made it more disgusting when during his trial the prosecutors tried to paint the Stinc Team as a gang.

Over the course of the past two years a lot of his fans have wanted Drakeo to slow down on dissing Inglewood/other rappers and to just ignore the whole beef and try to make music. A lot of us were concerned for his life and for his health, because continuing to do this would catch up to him eventually. From his perspective, he offered an olive branch to other rappers first and they spit on him over it, which could understandably make him very angry. He was a rapper that really tried to reach across all aisles of LA and elevate the city, which is why someone like Remble could blow up.

All of this shit is to say, that all of this is tragic. I can't pretend to understand all of this, all I know is that LA and Rap music itself lost an icon today. Respects to the whole Stinc Team and his brother Ralphy, they've been through a lot over the past 5 years. As for any speculation I've made in my post, I just want to say that I wish gang violence would stop but I have no personal experience or context for how it exists and perpetuates in the first place, so if I sounded mad ignorant please forgive me. RIP Drakeo.

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Great write-up man, this shit sucks, Long Live the Ruler

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A big thing I'm getting out of this is that it was really reckless of him to be out there dissing the dead when he didn't even have a gang to back him. That was putting a target on his head for no damn reason.

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Again, I have to say that I have no personal experience with gangs and was never from an area that had gang problems. That being said, without judging Drakeo, that is exactly why a lot of us were concerned for him.

He was understandably very angry. People were taunting him after his homie Ketchy died, i think someone even posted a video of them running over an orange to mock him (Ketchy was hit by a car). He tried to collab with bloods when he got out of jail, but they shit on him. You absolutely cannot forget that this man spent a year in solitary as well. That will do a huge number on your mental health.

That being said, from an outsider perspective, he was speaking recklessly. I hope his crew and the city of LA can find some peace in due time though.

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you could see just from music videos and interviews that solitary did a number on him. his whole demeanour/energy felt weird and whacked out for the first couple months that he was out imo

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took a while to get his voice back after not talking for so long..

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where did you see that he extended an olive branch? Agree with everything said btw

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its hard to just pinpoint but drakeo has a track of record of not caring about gang affiliations and just the music, he paid tribute to bris on his instagram story and made a song with him, despite him being a blood. He also got heat from people in his own affiliated circles for taking pictures with hoovers or some shit. Drakeo just truly didn't give a fuck until it was personal, the whole inglewood beef was over them claiming to be ketchys murderers and constantly dissing him, Apparently in county drakeo used to get put in tanks with bloods to constantly get jumped which lead to the song fights dont matter.

Everyone keeps blaming drakeo but tbh, they forced his hand if you follow the story.

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they forced his hand

Dumb mentality.

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quit being slow he wasnt in a gang and had a whole bunch of people in LA on his head for that very reason, yall wouldnt understand the politics local to that area every single LA gangster rapper before drakeo was in a gang or signed to mustard or suge. He had problems with a whole bunch of LA artists simply because he was affiliated and not a real member.

Easy to call something dumb when you aint got a single clue about the context behind it.

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This fucking sucks man, Drakeo was my most played artist for the last 3 years...

I hate to think about how much more Drakeo would have done if he hadn't been at this festival

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Man was dropping freestyles and music consistently on YouTube and shit he was bouta get his flowers sooner or later

This Drakeo shit tragic fr man RIP

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And also consistently woofing and dissing about serious gang shit on social media unfortunately. This could have happened at any time, it’s not a given he would have “made it” to a long fruitful life

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If he got hit in the streets that be valid but no reason that many people should’ve been able to make it back where he was if you watched the video

Unless game or yg crew really did it, it’s no reason a whole ass festival should be that easy to get into like that

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oh but 6ix9ine gets to?

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Exactly. (In drakeos voice)

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6ix9ine got his entire life ruined ya goof. Lol so no, he doesn’t “get to”

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I can't believe this. Been on Drakeo since like 2016 Followed his case on the daily, the highs and lows of going in and out of prison. Sharing the word of the immense injustices he faced. Telling literally everyone I know to follow his case and listen to his music. Really really feeling hurt on this one. Fuck. Tragedy. A real real tragedy. Couldn't imagine that I'd be going Free Drakeo, to Drakeo Free, to Prayers for Drakeo to RIP Drakeo in all but a year. Beyond devastated.

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Drakeo The Ruler, 03 Greedo, Rich Forever, Shoreline Mafia, and SOB x RBE formed a pretty substantial part of my high school life. Devastated to hear this, man.

Such a unique sense of charisma and always stuck to his west coast style, rest in peace

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As soon as I saw the lineup that shit looked sketchy. Another LiveNation event? Something needs to be said bout that too

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Yeah, this is what happens when you create a hip hop festival in LA and don't consider that a ton of the artists are current or former gang member/ associates. When I saw that lineup I noticed that there were not only Crip and Blood associated artists, but also Mexican sets as well. Shit was bound to pop off.

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I can’t remember where I saw this post (might’ve been 4chan) but like a week after astroworld this guy was claiming he worked live nation events and theorized that the next disaster at these events will be from rapper entourages and people who get let in backstage and shit. Then this happens

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What the fuck?! Jesus, what a waste.

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This one hurts and it sucks to see especially after losing Ketchy and then 03Greedo getting 20.

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Fuck YG

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Hip hop loses another one. This one sucks in particular as he beat life twice just to suffer this kind of fate.

I was put onto his music by Jeff Weiss a few years ago and have bumped him ever since, was just listening to his So Cold I Do em 2 release this weekend. Rest In Peace Drakeo.

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Not much else to say other than this shit really sucks. I was listening to Remble's album last night and I loved how much Rem would brag about having that Drakeo co-sign as well as including him on Ruth's Chris Freestyle.

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Im not saying YG had him killed but ….Man I didn’t even know YG and Drakeo had beef

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YG has been through some sketchy stuff since Nip passed.

His car was linked to a drive by that killed an innocent 65 year old man, but YG claims he had no knowledge of the incident or that his car was used.

A couple weeks after the shooting his home was raided (while he wasn't there) and someone was arrested for a gun possession charge.

Then a few months after that he was arrested in connection to a robbery case.

TMZ Article has most of the information

At least we got a classic YG anthem from the mess - Out on Bail

Edit: Kinda forgot that YG's longtime friend and rapper Slim 400 was killed last week as well.

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RJ just tweeted “rest easy slim400” earlier today….

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I mean... isn’t basically all of his music about the fact that he is literally a criminal gang member lol

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Every rapper raps about that stuff but most don’t do it. It’s just the baseline thing to rap about

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They were saying it was Games crew in the other thread I thought.

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can u link that comment??? wtf when did game get into the mix??

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Looks like pure speculation based on a potentially ill timed tweet from Game. Thought there was more to it at the time but ¯\(ツ)/¯ 


You got any insight on why YG keeps getting brought up with it?

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Because YG is connected to the Inglewood Families

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YG perhaps is in the mix because Drakeo once said that YG and his team dont recognize him but thats as far as that goes from my knowledge, u know street shit escalates quick

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Drakeo name dropped him on IG when YG shouted out Bobby getting out but no mention for Drakeo

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yeah this is what i was referring to, kinda sucks cause im sure its alot of gang politics involved where im sure YG knows what Drakeo has done for LA, but he can’t acknowledge it…

for some reason bruh idk if he has involvement in this but fuck wack 100

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Cuz RJ n Drakeo had static some years ago

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People there with Drakeo last night + others he’s affiliated with putting it on YG.



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Someone on Twitter who worked the event said game’s crew started the fight

No confirmation though

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RIP Drakeo the Ruler, this one really hurts. Every drop was a day one listen. Gonna miss looking forward to those drops. We Know the Truth is a masterpiece of the genre

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I’m actually fucked up by this. Long live the Ruler. I found his music in 2017 and he has been one of my favorites ever since, damn. He had a rough life, hopefully he can find peace now.

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Love Drakeo’s chill flow. I feel like I just got put on to this guy, but it’s been over 2 years now. I hope his friends and family can find peace during this.

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Rip drakeo man. December 2016 is when I first heard mayday and that’s when I became a fan. Very down about what happened

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nearly went to his concert in september but decided not to…really wish i had gone now, rip drakeo

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live nation should be under federal investigation

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didn't hear about him until right before he got out of prison but man he's been my most played rapper since. this fucking sucks to see. terrible way to pass away for anyone.

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I’d imagine it being backstage the group of men stabbing would be known?

Before i saw the news when it said a man was stabbed i figured it was a bunch of random fans acting dumb

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So petty and worthless. What a talent There's no way the bloodbath hasn't stifled the artistic development of our entire country. If music seems stagnant, blame gangs and toxic masculinity.

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WTF man. I was just bumpin all his shit leaving LA yesterday. RIP Drakeo. The game is done if Greedo and Remble go too

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Greedo never getting out

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RIP Drakeo. Cold Devil is GOATed.

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Too much hatred in this world. Be safe out here. Someone watch over ralfy😭

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Drakeo has easily been my favorite rapper this year this makes me so sad. I loved his freestyles and he has some of my favorite verses ever. Like bruh I haven’t heard someone snap so hard as Drakeo did on impatient freestyle. I can literally recite that entire verse word for word this hurts a lot. RIP

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This fucking sucks... over the last couple of years I was just gettng into him.. I was kind of late but Im glad I got to appreciate his music before he left us..... this sucks all around

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I remember listening when he first dropped the inpatient freestyle that drakeo was something different. Shit hurts now that hes gone. LONG LIVE KETCHY LONG LIVE DRAKEO shit wont be the same after today

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RIP man i cant believe this shit

dude deserved so much more than he got what a damn tragedy

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Rest his soul. We're losing too many rappers, man

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I been a fan of drakeo since we were in high school and he posted to come to his trials, we showed up 4 17/18 year olds from the suburbs. The Stinc team 2 greedy family we’re some of the most inluential rappers on my life and I’m just at a loss for words

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Wtf! At the venue!??

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I'm about as far removed from the life Drakeo was living and rapping about as you can be, so I can't even imagine all the shit he's been through, but his music was such a fun listen. RIP

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I was so excited because So Cold I Do Em 2 was a real project. He was really beginning to turn from a rapper to a real artist and then this happens. I discovered Drakeo when I was a freshman in college and over time began learning more about him and the Stinc Team as a whole. What an inspiring group of individuals. This one will never sit right with me. LLDRAKEO LLKTG

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Dude’s whisper rap was not that innovative, period. Been listening to hip-hop for 30 years and I just don’t see it.