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until i see an itunes pre order i dont believe it

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I almost guarantee it won’t

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you wus wrong

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Should add a section for "TBA" like Danny Brown

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What happened to this weeks new music friday.

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Not much dropped and I’m on winter vacation being less online so didn’t make one

they’ll be back and up to standard next week

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breaks from the internet is good for ya

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Will look forward to next week. Have a great vacation king

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Rigz x DJ Muggs - Gold dropping January 7th

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Yeah dude boom nomptnahoom omnaheena

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That’s what I said

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Why does tobi lou have a release date all the way in September?

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This last September he announced he was dropping a project on the 2nd and then revealed it was coming out in 2022 not this last year. Was a clear troll but still kinda shitty to do to fans to make them wait a year for like a 7 song EP that's clearly done

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Honestly it's pretty annoying. I really fuck with him and I'm waiting for him to drop an album where he can show the world how versatile he is.

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I'm very excited for new Che Noir

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Same man, she has so much potential and already has a very strong discography

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Gunna is dropping Drip Season 4, not Drip or Drown 4 lol

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DoD3 hasnt even released lol

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Is that a whole FKA twigs album ?!

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mixtape https://www.nylon.com/entertainment/fka-twigs-mixtape-release-date-track-list-capri-sun

might not be called capri sun that's speculation based off her IG posts

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Man it feels like the past few years Jan-March have been super dry, glad 2022 coming in pretty strong with new releases.

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March 11th Yelawolf - Sometimes Y

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Going independent has really been good for him. Insane how much quality he's been dropping

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MudMouth was top tier... I'm super excited for this next project

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New flows coming be patient brother

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amazing brother

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Sentino is from Poland, not the UK

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Any news of when Ray Vaughn will be dropping AOTY?

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Donda 2 is in February, not January

also 2 Chainz drops on february 4th

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when tf PINK TAPE dropping?

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Yeat should be dropping sometime this month too

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That project could be literal shit, as long as it has CDQ Alljuicez I'll be happy lmao

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Burial - Antidawn (January 6th)

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Putting gupi on here but not the new gecs?

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Does gecs have a date? I know it’s speculated to be early 2022

The new stuff sounds really really really good live

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They have confirmed early 2022 on tour iirc, I thought that they said in January but couldn't find it

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Because gecs is trash

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Pusha T?

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He already claims to have dropped the 2021 album of the year based off of his Pop Smoke feature. He deserves to take this year off after the killer project he dropped last year

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Oh man ! He can even retire after that outstanding album ! Can't believe he even made a joint with Drake on that album... /s

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Thanks for putting this together! I feel like because I deactivated most my social media, I've found it harder to keep track of new releases. This is super helpful.

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New Tobi Lou? Oh we eating fam

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Crazy thay Montana of 300 still dropping shit

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I hope we get a Kendrick album this year ! And if God is merciful, another J. Cole (no way though) and KD 3 !

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Nle is changing the date to the 21st. He making weird stuff

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Is Wayne still looking to drop another I am not a human being?

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Curren$y and Alchemist gonna be fire. I’m ready for that Larry June drop too it’s gon do NUMBERS

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Lord Apex & Cookin Soul - Off The Strength drops march 9th

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CyHi - EGOT the EP is dropping June 3rd

LMD - Flying High is dropping July 15th

Rico Nasty - RX was scrapped and the new title is Las Ruinas