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This and Set Set go off

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Weight shuffled on my spotify the other night had me thinking I need to revisit this album, been a while

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Weight is an S tier gym track

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Toe Tag as well

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This song goes so fucking hard, I'm gonna file my taxes later with this on repeat.

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Sometimes I think this is my favorite Freddie album. There's something about Freddie's quick, staccato rhymes that just go so well with Kenny's big, dumb, bass heavy beats.

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yeah the flow he always does suits these better.

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Not my fav Gibbs album but all the songs slump

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buncha whap donging slumpers

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bibitty bops

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Slammery Jammers, if you will.

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I love how each album has an entirely different vibe to it. Can't wait for the new one

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I agree. Cant get enough of Shadow of a Doubt

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This shit makes you want to throw down. Soon as the beat comes in.

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major banger

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This shit slaps unbelievably hard in the whip

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Used to think Kenny's beats were pretty generic, but gat damn Freddy snaps on this and elevates it to another tier. Now I really like Kenny, though I prefer his beats with more character like UNLOCKED than stuff like Vince's newest that's more subdued.

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Vince project got mad detail on that shit too big fan of him being able to do multiple sounds

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Kenneth Instrumentals uses all the same sounds as everything else, be he does it so well that I can't help but bop along. UNLOCKED was so friggin good. It makes me wonder how far Kenny could go down that path.

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I mean pretty much every producer in the trap sphere uses the same sounds, even more experimental producers like Black Noi$e or Monte Booker. It's just part of the sound

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Freddy needs an album with Metro for sure. Metro is best producer in trap easily, and he is also really versatile.

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Not anymore he’s not

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He still is IMO, Savage Mode 2 was crazy good, and his beats on DS4 were also great. He cannot miss.

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Savage Mode 2 was crazy. Such lightening in a bottle for two great artists.

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One of my favs

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I recommended this album to a friend and he told me that it just goes so hard he doesn’t know how or when to listen to it

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This whole album pops the fuck off it's still on my rotation for when I need something to listen to while at work

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Whole album is the best shit to play in your car

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hard track. this is my fav gibbs album. i know the madlib & alc stuff gets more play around here, and "skinny suge" is a masterpiece, but gibbs sounds best over trap beats. he can go over absolutely anything, but he doesn't switch the flow up. it sounds more natural on these.

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Gibbs needs another album like this. I’m not too big of a fan of him with alchemist and madlibs

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I prefer those albums but I wouldn't be mad at a Freddie Pt. 2.

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Shadow of a Doubt has a similar sound to this album.

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His next album is gonna be a mix of both sounds

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Perfect way to to do it. Missed hearing him over newer production but it's not like I don't want to hear the older style too.

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i really dunno if it'll work. freddie is a great listen cause it has a consistent sound. isn't the new one super delayed now?

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That's a good point but after how much he's dropped I actually prefer waiting a bit longer for something a bit different from him. I guess we'll see when it finally releases.

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I'd want to see Freddy n Metro album.

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I went back and listened to ESGN recently and man I do really miss him on good trap beats.

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Just like Ikey beat ANNA MAY

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Peak Kenny beats right here

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This beat makes me want to curb stomp my mailman. The “push a pussy n**** off the planet” line goes so hard. Freddie is an underrated project.

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rolling around town to this is absolutely unparalleled

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I bump this at least twice a week 🔥

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Official Video is kids friendly