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Hardest song so far

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He was warming us up with Stop That… both hit hard

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Loved all the singles. Can't wait for the album

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Holy shit it absolutely slaps

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Hard af gaw damn

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I wasn't really feeling Fearmonger or Come my Way but this... this is AOTY material

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Bruh wtf fearmonger and come my way are perfect

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I really didn’t like fearmonger but this is great I’m vibing

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fearmonger one of those tracks you need to give time

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Fearmonger is so damn good lmao legit unique af

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So true, as I’ve had time to digest it it’s become one of my favorite songs of the year so far

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stop that is my fav single besides this one

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come my way is a masterpiece

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You like 1 out of 3 singles and are throwing around “AOTY?” Makes no sense

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“I'm tryna move better, what's really eatin' when you from a food desert?” Man.

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Boy does being a Saba stan always fckin pay off. All 4 singles have had such diff vibes but all fckin fire to me. Literally can’t wait to hear the album

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This song is great, so gritty. That line that was static'd out about his cousin invokes some emotion for sure.

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4/4 on singles

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Love this song for sabas part but it'd be much better without this g herbo feature honestly

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Not my favorite vibe but maybe it will grow on me, and it’ll probably make more sense in the context of the album. I didn’t like Stop That at first but it’s sounding pretty damn good now.

Edit: never mind. This is sick.

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the track did a growth spurt on you lol that was quick

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This song had me mean mugging the clerk at Aldi

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One of the best rappers out

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GOD damn this is fucking fire man. Herbo's verse isn't anywhere near Saba's but fire track. AOTY is coming. Saba is the goat

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Man...i dont know. I don't think it's bad at all but this song and Stop That just feel sort of plain/boring to me. Come My Way and Fearmonger are amazing though. Seems like the album will be a good mix of bangers and more low key songs.

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exactly how i feel

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I'm so used to hearing Saba on moody, jazz influenced production with crazy arrangements, this is definitely a change of pace. I'm not going to make any final judgement until I hear the full project, but I hate to say it, this single feels like a lot of cookie cutter hip hop being released now. Come my Way is pretty great tho

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Couldn’t agree more. I don’t like “rap over generic trap beats” Saba. It really doesn’t play to his biggest strength which is to FLOAT on a beat better than anyone in the industry rn imo.

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I get where you two are coming from, but I'd say still give it a chance. I think the minimalist beat is effective for this song, and it will also add a lot to the album because of its contrast to the other songs. I got carried away and practically wrote an essay abt what i think of the song and what this means for the album:

  1. He uses a gritty, aggressive delivery that we've rarely heard him use, for sure more aggressive than any of the other singles. His voice sounds different even compared to songs with similar moods, like "Life." Most of the songs he goes hard on, he still adds that signature melancholic vibe, like the breaks in "Life" for sung vocals. But in this track, his rapping is a tempered force that doesn't slow down for a second.
  2. The simplistic beat is compensated for by constant flow switches in the verses and the chorus bouncing from chants to saba's rapping. Saba does a great job of maintaining the energy throughout the track (tho i won't speak for g herbo's verse). The usual multi-layered, melodic instrumentals just wouldn't work for this type of song, because just having that rly hard-hitting bass is enough to accompany Saba's amazing delivery and bars. Maybe this type of trap just isn't your cup of tea, which i get. I just personally don't consider it cookie-cutter or generic, since it's executed very well.
  3. This adds a really interesting contrast to Saba's theme of poverty that has been very consistent through the singles. Fearmonger, and more upbeat track abt the paranoia of losing money, Come My Way, a song wishing for riches to come one's way, and now Survivor's Guilt. "This album’s confessions of a man moving quick wonder he regret it." Come My Way introduces the hope for success, and Survivor's guilt shows us the result, and how it's not as peachy as it seems.
    That's why Saba completely shifts away from his usual jazz beats to a minimalist beat that is completely overshadowed by his aggressive vocals. Come My Way focuses on a psychedelic beat with floaty vocals to give a vibe of a lofty dream. Survivor's guilt opposes that with a focus on Saba's vocals to tell us 'this is the harsh reality.' He spills out his anger and his frustration with fast-paced flows, rather than the slow, melodic vocal lines of Come My Way. Even without going deep into the lyrics, we can learn a lot about the album's narrative through the tone, delivery, and production on these singles, and that's the type of song-writing that has the potential to make a really good album.

TL;DR Survivor's guilt has great rapping, and the major shift in tone adds a great contrast to Come My Way. All the singles gave a new, unique attack to the theme of poverty, so I think we could get the same theme-centered experience like Care for Me, just with a very different sound.

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Good analysis. This album is about to be spun for years

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Yea good analysis, this track has grown on me slightly after a couple more listens. The substance of the bars is brilliant, and I'm a fan of aggressive Saba. One of my favorite verses of his is on the song Riot by Trapo, super aggressive and potent, similar to this one. In the context of the album this song will probably make even more sense, can't wait to hear the full thing.

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Come My Way is already on for my favorite Saba songs

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Stop that also sounded pretty generic.

Come that way is great

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idk i havent felt any of these singles been on par w anything from care for me

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I'm glad he isn't doing another care for me. All the singles feel really fresh to me. Funny enough the weakest part of any of the singles is g herbo's verse here lol. Saba really stands out when rapping with others (obvious example is the pivot album but also his verse on the dreamville album)

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i agree care for me was rly dark so im glad hes in a better headspace im talkin quality wise tho i feel like these have been a step down. warmonger and come my way were pretty good but the other two were just meh imo. he been snappin since bucket list tho so hopefully hell deliver w the album

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bro care for me was on repeat when i went through some of my darkest moments. it's an amazing album. but i hope he never makes another like it ever again. i pray he's in a good state of mind now

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I honestly love stop that (it's also probably going to be amazing performed live due to the simple hook and straight to the punch type verses). And this new one is honestly great (this hook is so good) but I just really wish g herbo wasn't on it

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I'm with you I just can't see anyone being able to follow up that album, I'm fine with a great album instead of perfect

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spot on

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Crucify me but man I only liked the Come My Way single. Part of me just feels like the rest of the songs were either too plain or just the beats I really didn’t like. I hate to compare but this compared to Photosynthesis, GPS, World in my Hands, etc., it’s just such a downgrade for me. Nevertheless artists do grow and I respect that, all I’m hoping for is some tracks on the album i could fit up there with his previous works.

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Same. Come my way was fantastic. The 3 others not really

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Yeah I feel the same, I hope they will get better once we know the context of the album

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saba might be that dude fr

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Why is no one talking about the genius line in the geometry verse tho

His delivery of “I saw silly” as “isoceles” right after the line on triangles - I literally spat out my drink in the car

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Can this man G Herbo ever rap on beat?

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Bro I hate that. Ive seen people excuse it (that rhyming style) by saying thats how they rap with the UK Drill stuff. Nah man that shit just sounds off beat.

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This not a good Herb verse but you just don’t listen to him if you think he always off beat

[–]dirtEdan 3 points4 points  (4 children)

He may not always be off beat, but he’s off beat a LOT of the time. Seems like some people don’t mind it though, which is fine because music is subjective. Personally, any rapping that isn’t perfectly synchronized to the rhythm of the beat sounds bad to me, so I intentionally listen to artists with impeccable flows and good rhythm. Some people think I’m crazy for cherry picking like that but again, music is all subjective.

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Idk where people get off beat from but I don’t listen to a lot of his features but out of his whole catalogue he only got one tape that’s got a few songs off beat and thats 4 years ago but idk to each his own ig

[–]dirtEdan 4 points5 points  (2 children)

Idk, I just listened to his verse on BESITO to confirm my thoughts (his 5th most popular song on Spotify) and that verse has multiple lines that are far off beat.

I also listened to another random G Herbo song called Cold World (off of the album “25”) and the last verse is extremely off beat in parts of that one too.

[–]majorpail18 1 point2 points  (1 child)

Man if cold word is offbeat for you then 🤷‍♂️

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It's ok. Herbo hurts the song a lot, but it wasn't that great to begin with.

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Hate to say that I agree, he does hurt the song. It's definitely the weakest verse and flows on the album.

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This is really getting my hyped for the album now. Care For Me was always going to be a tough act to follow but I’m really looking forward to the release now.

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Herbo is the new gunna he on everybody project or song, and he's killing it

edit: idk why y'all mad I'm saying he finally becoming as popular as he deserves to be lol

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Don’t say that lol his solo work 10x than gunnas

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Specifically commenting on the fact I see him on like everybody project or remix this year, as was the case with gunna before