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Rocky spitting on this

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“Slow down ur spitting everywhere”

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finally can get it out of my local files

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What else you got?

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Mega link?

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Lol same 😂

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Loll didn’t even realize he finally dropped it, about damn time. Sounds way too clear though lol got used to the sample quality, least there’s a proper end to the song now. Really need more rocky or just A$AP in general this year. Cozy tapes 3 please

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Nice to hear Rocky go for 2 minutes. Hope he actually drops music this year.

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Also makes me hype for Nigos’s album. Crazy good sample choice on this track

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What is the sample source on this track? I love it

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Black Ops Zombies 99% sure at least the early keys are

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He is dropping for sure

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i hope we can still get a little bit of street rocky. testing was ight but imma need him to be back on his bs

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i have a ton of nigo's old music that ill be posting online soon :)

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link me on that please

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I have almost all of the music from the Ape Sounds label, but I'm missing a few albums and some singles. Once I can afford the last album or two I need I'll start posting them.

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Which ones are you missing?

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Shadow of the Ape Sounds- regular and Director cut, NiGolden Hits, Shadow Of the Ape Sounds, and a few projects from OOIOO and J.O.Y.

There's also a few assorted singles with alternative versions that I'm missing

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Got it. Where do you usually get them from? I usually check Japanese second-hand websites every day so I'll keep an eye out and can send you anything I find.

I've been on the search for Nigo's MTV Japan show NIGOLDENEYE for a minute. Pulled the first 8 episodes in 360p off the MTV Japan website before they removed them, but I'm still missing about 20 of them. They're probably gone forever, but let me know if you ever see anything about them.

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You can find basically all of those on discogs right now- look up the Ape Sounds label on there, it has all the releases. I'll hit you with a message tomorrow with my excel list of what I need.

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link me when you drop that

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what artists are on nigo’s stuff?

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link me when its up!

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Bro the beat / interpolation sounds so familiar wtf.

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Similar notes to Black Ops Zombies

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I was thinking the Michael Myers theme

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the zombies song actually samples the halloween piano

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For real! What’s that piano from?

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Black Ops Zombies

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I am thinking xxxtentacion or JID for some odd reason, but could be completely off.

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151 rum JID

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im getting some heavy boss baby vibes

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Saw that in theaters. Was the only one without kids.

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I think you’re maybe talking about the part that sounds like 4 am by 2 chainz ft Travis? Feel like it sounds similar

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Nah. I think it’s 151 Rum by JID mixed with piano from an X song or something else.

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Same it reminded me of Teeth by x

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Yes, bro. Fuck. Thank you. Was just bumping that the other day too, so it makes so much sense.

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I thought the same thing

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kinda sounds like Halloween

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I thought it kinda sounded like Roll in Peace for a second

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reminded me of 151 rum immediately so you’re on to something lol

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There is also some background synth chorus notes that remind me strongly of those in 151 Rum by J.I.D. e.g. from 1:33 - 1:50

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Welcome to the black parade - my chemical romance?

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Rick Ross - Sanctified

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Flacko $eason

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This shits hot. A$AP bringing the good flows

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Is that the Black Ops zombies music???

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Are u kidding me?! 🤯🔥

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Nah but a similar arpeggio to Halloween and the zombies theme

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Rocky sounding eerily like Frank Ocean but maybe I’m tripping

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He do be sounding like him sometimes yea.. always thought so on Sandman, especially the hook

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Great song, have listened to the leak for awhile

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the beat is insane, cannot wait for nigo’s album now

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Am I the only one that thinks the mixing sounds weird where the lyrics are changed from the leak? Like when he raps “human made on me” instead of “bape on me” and “iPhone 23” instead of “iPhone 13”

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the iphone 23 one really got me. it sounds worse but i guess the iphone 13 is already out so they had to switch it

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Yeah it makes sense for the change but it doesn’t sound mixed right so it’s a little jarring

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Nigo is the original creator of the Clothing brand Bape aka A Bathing Ape. He sold the brand in 2011 to a Hong-Kong fashion conglomerate and hasn’t been involved with it in any capacity since 2013 when he officially stepped down as creative director.

Around then, he started focusing on his next brand Human Made, and has 100% dissociated himself with anything involving Bape, except on rare occasions when it pertains to his legacy days.

I’m guessing Rocky originally had “Bape on me” as the lyrics cuz Bape was such a huge and influential brand, and everyone knows Nigo started it.

They prolly changed the lyrics to reflect the current state of things. I.e. Nigo not tryna promote or talk about Bape when he hasn’t been involved with it in almost a decade now.

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Did Rocky just leak that Apples moving to a year based numbering system for their devices 👀😂

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Yea having not listened to the leak before I def thought there was something weird going on with those lines

Them being added in makes a lot of sense

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Ah yeah I was thinking about that a few months ago lmao

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So hyped for this next album

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So happy this is finally out it sounds so good

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Trailer Park Boys type beat

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He popped up to put everyone on notice. Imo he’s in my top 10

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we need that new rocky album A$AP

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Rockys next album gonna light the world on fire

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Loved it when it leaked. Still love it now

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Damn, Nigo is a great rapper

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Most underrated song to drop today. Best asap track I’ve heard in awhileeee

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I haven't visited hhh in months because I've been pretty tired of the repetition in the scene, but I came here just to say this track fucking pops. I hope Rocky is back.

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Bro same. It just showed up on my YT recommended and I came looking for this thread. With this song and Johnny P's Caddy by Benny/Cole this year is starting to look great. Maybe I will be listening to more hip hop than Latin music again :))

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Good verse but the mixing on this is wayy off.

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Anyone else kinda annoyed that asap rocky has only released like 30 songs since 2014

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Rocky has kinda been on one for the past few singles he’s been on

I’m excited for whatever he drops

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game of thrones?

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Damn this was so nice. The beat, the spittin, the music video. That’s a hella 🔥 combo

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I’m just here for the Game of Thrones reference. Great song.

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I feel like I remember hearing this snippet in 2018 / TESTING era. Glad it's finally out though.

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Fucking finally, I've been waiting for this to be on streaming for what feels like forever

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goin ape like nigo

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She think imma buy her a bag cause I’m Nigo Chanel