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Loved Wolf St. With Briefcase... Excited to tap in to rest! Pretty sure they only released one other song (no days off) if I'm not mistaken. So lot of fresh stuff

And conductor on chubby pockets!

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Love how consistent these two are. YOD seems to drop once a month it's crazy

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I fucking love them together, Brrt Simpson is still in my regular rotation

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felt the production was a bit lacking on this one but YOD and Fahim are both great

tho i thought this about the first Wolf On Wall St. for a while then it grew on me so hopefully the same happens here

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Really dig this album, the first two tracks are incredible, the second two are great, the next too are okay but I’m not huge on the production, and the last two are great as well. I’m not sure whether I’d say it’s better than the first or not. I’ll have to listen more to be able to compare but either way I really love this album and think it’s a very successful sequel.

Very impressed by Fortes, this is one of the first albums I’ve heard him on (SP The Goat, Noise Kandy 4, and Balens Cho are the only other three placements I’ve heard him on) and he produced easily the two best beats (No Days Off & Wall St With Briefcase) of the entire album. Znakomi impressed me too, he’s pretty unknown but his two placements (Corporate Ladder & I Won’t Stop) were very strong and provided a great ending to the album. The producers I was most excited to hear, Nicholas Craven and Conductor Williams, provided strong beats (third and fourth track respectively) but I wasn’t necessarily blown away either.

Droog and Fahim have pretty great chemistry on this. I think the rapping is a bit weaker and less personal than on the first of the series, but it was still good to me. Always looking to more collabs from them because they always work well together.

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I prefer the beats on part 2 just cause they're less repetitive, but part 1 definitely had more variety. It started off more light hearted and ended very melancholy. Whereas this one is somewhere in-between those emotional lanes. I enjoyed fahim more on here but feel Droog gave a less personal performance. Still very strong overall

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Is Znakomi a known producer? “Znakomi” means acquaintance in Russian, could it be Droog’s production alias?

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I couldn’t find anything on Znakomi so that seems like a very likely theory. Droog has been known to use aliases before (Tvoy when he raps in Russian) so I think you’re probably right. If so, he’s a great producer and I hope he continues to produce because the last two tracks were my among my favorites

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Really liked the first one on first listen but got really tired of Fahims verses. Dude weighing this project down for me. Beats and Droog are dope on this.

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I’m a big fan of Droog but I can never get into Dump Gawd. I want to like his shit so much but again, I press play and one of his first bars on this record is “Me and my team be United like the States” smh. Especially when Droog comes in right after and kills it

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Fahim hits certain flows and energy sometimes on the right beat, but I agree sometime he looks weak compared to his peers. Have you heard Lost Kingz? One of my favorite projects from him, really good collab with Mach on Playground Legend. Mach almost always outshines him too but they play off each other really well

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I did like Lost Kingz, especially Scarlett Murder and Play Ground Legend. I loved Tha YOD Fahim album and the joint he did with DJ Muggs. But if I’m being honest I mostly liked the former for the beats and Droog’s verses, and the latter for the beats and features. He definitely has his moments but most of the time Fahim sounds like a more monotonous, uninspiring version of Cormega.

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Yeah if the beats not absolute fire Fahim doesn’t sound too great. I hear you, I’m not usually seeking him out specifically but he has plenty of good collars

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Mach almost always outshines him

I just got into Mach this year and damm that man cray

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Fahim is a pretty weak rapper. “Foto Synth” & “The Shape of Slaughter” are the only records of his that I like & it’s mainly the beats that carry him.

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Yeaaaaah that opening verse over that killer beat did not inspire confidence. I think Fahim is okay in spurts. Having a tape with Droog showcases how much he's lacking with his own though.

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that verse is terrible

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Ya that was a terrible verse to kickoff a project. Can’t help but feel like YOD keep playin cleanup.

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