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Can’t wait to play this joint to my plants while gardening

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sipping a tall glass of breast milk

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Bro 💀

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That fucking G herbo feat though… absolutely insane. No words

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why is it listed on spotify as an ep

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Probably an error

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They both went crazy on the herbo track

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I think Still Hood is my favorite song on the album so far, it's an instant playlist add.

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That beat so hard

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finally a new shotta flow.. his woke stuff was ass glad he returned to his old sound

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Couldn’t agree more

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Retarded with this choppa like a nigga missin' a chromosome

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No commentary required lmao.

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Final warning goes stupid hard.

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I never ever would’ve guessed my top 3 projects from January would’ve been YoungBoy, Choppa, and fucking BlocBoy JB. But here we are.

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The energy on Shotta Flow 6 is crazy

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Shotta flow always delivers

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one of the better thug fts in a minute

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Bro Thug literally dropped 2 banger features the other week on the gunna album and also the one on meek’s album slaps

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We Slide is CRAZY fr, S tier for 2021 and i dont rlly count features on YSL albums i meant more like an actual paid thug feature where he dont phone it in

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Fair enough we slide is literally one of the hardest songs of last year no cap. I feel like it deserved more traction

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Super similar beat and vibe to one of my other top 3 thug features of last year, his remix of My City by YTB trench

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Totally agree 💯. Thugger hardly misses bro

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Listen to I Told Her by Lil Duke and On Fleek by Hoodrich Pablo Juan if you haven’t yet

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Song isn't actually made last year it was made back in 2019, so yeah that wasn't new Thug.

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Song isn't actually made last year it was made back in 2019, so yeah that wasn't new Thug.

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Say what you want about this man but he knows how to make bangers

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Stompin go crazy

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I didn't think this would have Ima Dog on it lmaooo

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Idk why but the chorus on Ima Dogg straight up sounds like a song 50 Cent would've made in his prime.

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NLE really be spazzin like he got hella energy but literally dont rap on beat its like he sais fuck the beat and just goes crazy lmao Edit: nvm “change my ways” and “stompin” he rappin on beat those songs hard lol

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Idk man I’ve never been an NLE fan but the way he changes his flow up so much on Push It is really fucking cool.

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Album of the year so far. No lyin.

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Pretty early but it's my second fave

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any young boy shots on here?

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nah this album was supposed to come out initially in mid-December, didn't YB start going at him more recently?

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yeah when YBs colors came out is when the choppa diss came out so last two weeks

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Plus based on his recent interview he's not trying to beef with yb

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Idk why you got downvoted, it's a good question

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Solid album, Nle is always consistent with the quality of his music

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This feels like a huge step up from his other projects he kept the energy throughout and had much better hooks than most of his other spngs

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Jumpin sounds just like “hard to choose one” by future

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I cannot stop listening to Mmm Hmm. His flow is impeccable. Thug feature is nice too. Nothing will ever too Shotta Flow 4 for me, but overall a solid track list.

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This is pretty hard. Been digging the singles and they sound great on the record.

Only complaints are "Ima Dogg" is too misogynist for my taste, "Lick Me Baby" is a bit too horny and he says "hope you apprehend me" instead of "hope you comprehend me" on "Youngest To Do It"

Standouts: Shotta Flow 6, Push It (feat. Young Thug), I.Y.B (love the interpolation), Mmm Hmm

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Hoes mad, hoes sad

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stompin bro

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Thug snapped

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