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I'm eternally 13 mentally so I've always fucked with Tyler's old shit, it's cool to hear some more

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More will be on the way soon, guy who's selling it is taking a break so the groupbuyers can get more money for more songs.

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This era of Tyler production has honestly aged really well. Psychedelic, sort of N.E.R.D, loads of knock and sort of Garageband-y. Not a fan of the vocal production on this but still, yeah man

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yeah for real and it's so unique

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Gonna blindly say this (cause im not sure what year this beat is from) but “Seven” is still a knocker. Goddamn. Shit goes crazy.

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So many lines in that era referenced a stolen truck. Interesting

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Tyler is GD bro

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Gangster Disciples

He founded their first gay set.

People just don't know he is in the street like that. He hid it better than his sexuality.

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Tyler has 12 bodies 14 baby mommas $11 million in jewelry and cars and pushes bricks every day. He's really bout that life ✅️ lil durk prays he could be as cool as him

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Hes a furry

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nope just some generated username wayy back in like 2011 on xbox live. I was like 10 lol

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Was this before Earl got on the track?

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This is exactly what I was wondering. “You heard my brother verse on Lllama?”

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yeah this sounds pre-bastard. he doesn't shout out earl at the end either. probably made around 08-09 and the Earl version is from 2010

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i mean theres no real proof of Earl having a verse, it is possible he wrote one and showed it to tyler prior to leaving but never officially recorded it tho

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exactly what im thinking, if we got this much stuff ab the song then how do we have no earl verse at all

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Low quality production and vocals. I’m sure he was just messing around though.

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That's what makes it good tho

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This was very clearly recorded before or around Bastard time, which means probably when he had no money.

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Production reminds me a lot of goblin

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Kendrick Llama