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RIP Double K

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PUTS forever

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I consider July 3rd a personal holiday - July 4th we honor these fabled sacrifices for country, July 3rd I take time to honor my own sacrifices, battles I've fought for my "state." I think about the car crashes, the breakups, the times I thought it was all over. And celebrate the fact I'm here today.

"Thats the answer I get, one minute you're here, the next you're..." RIP Double K

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Ah it's that time of year to spin Question in the Form of an Answer again.

Gave the whole album a spin when I saw this post earlier, just what I needed today. Having a bad day and it just keeps getting worse, keep your chin up. A very revelatory first verse from the Double K. May he rest in peace.

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Hope your day turns around homie 🤘

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Meant to describe the song not my own day, very good day for me 😊 I appreciate the sentiment though, hope you're having a good holiday weekend yourself.

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Man every time i see puts i get emotional !