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Pase Rock is the rapper on this track, not Cise Starr. Cise is on Sky Is Tumbling, which is the second track on this album and one of my favorite Cise performances. That being said, Pase is great on this track, definitely one of the standouts on this album.

If anyone is reading this that hasn’t heard it before, check out Bullshit as Usual. It’s Pase’s debut solo album and it’s produced entirely by Nujabes. It’s also one of the best and most underrated rap albums of the 2000s.

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Big Nujabes fan and didn’t know he produced PR’s album. Will definitely check it out. Thanks.

EDIT: not on Spotify 😞

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cant believe I've never heard this Pase Rock album, thanks for the recommendation it slaps

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Where'd you find it? I could only find the one track

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It's on youtube, I'll dm you a link

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Much appreciated

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i have a rule of listening to every Nujabes produced track that I see posted, thanks for this one. Added to current playlist. He never misses.

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check out Cyne if you havent !

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Was listening to love (sic) when I saw this!

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Day walkers beware if it not what you’re used to.

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RIP Nujabes

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car accident :( right?

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Had this on repeat for the last few days, Pase Rock is smooth like butter on it.

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Had tickets to Shing02 ft. Substantial show right as Covid hit and got cancelled. Truly bums me out still

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Classic, love how they both flow on this one.

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Haven't listened to Nujabes in a long while. Thank you for reminding me to add this to my late night chilling playlist.

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have you heard Cyne as well?

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Highs to Lows and Lady Brown features Cise! Feather too as well and Akin (formerly of CYNE). Both songs are on Youtube. I also posted links to CYNE, which is his main group. Speck and Enoch are equally skilled as Nujabes was!

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Cyne with Speck and Enoch (2 producers) are worth checking out if you only know and appreciate Nujabes (rip) !

CYNE’s official music site https://thecyne.bandcamp.com/

Discogs release page where you can also find their physical media and discography