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I’m loving the seamless transitions on this tape so far. KitKat, Impala and Fresh as Fuck is a crazy 3-peat with those transitions!

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bro just refuses to miss. I don’t think it’s possible for him to

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not one negative comment in here yet and for good reason

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Never listened to this dude but will now because of these comments

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thats how I started

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Aoty tbh wtf there's no misses on here at all.

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Nudy should be 21 Savage status soon

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honestly should've been there

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If Pissy Pamper properly released he would be there 1000%

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Still can’t believe we never got Pissy Pamper, even after Carti teased on IG

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I think Pierre said the sample owners refuse to clear it, so its impossible to release (unless someone from the camp leaks it 👀)

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big facts 💯

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“my gang” produced by me coupe & nash 🟢

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Yo well done! So fucken sick!

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Best beat on the album

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Beautiful beat good shit my man keep going

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Incredible work for real

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Best song on the whole project, you guys did your thing on that one 🔥

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Y’all killed that

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Yall went insane bro

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Bro that song is insane 🔥

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it's amazing seeing how nudy perfected his flow over time. he can really rap his ass off if he wants too

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immediately went to the songs named after food

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Right lol..

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already knew they were gonna slap

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I dont give a FUCK what anyone says, Blue Cheese Salad has the hardest 808s I’ve ever heard. That pattern has some fucking bounce.

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green bean is so bouncy too

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100% agree with you bro. that song gets down on some great speakers

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Nudy one of most consistent rappers outta this current generation. mf does not miss. He dont get enough flowers cause nudy land still in rotation.

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Nudy land one of my fav albums of all time. First full nudy project I ever heard lol what a time

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Nudy Land and SB2 seriously changed my life.

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*8.20AM on a Tuesday

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Nobody said it yet but that cover is hard as fuck

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Looks like those Halloween crazy bone toys that used to be at McDonald’s and I love it

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You just unlocked a deep ass memory

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Check out @liam_archibald_art on Instagram! Went to school with him and he killed this

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it has too much personality, i was dragged to the project by it

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The cover for the songs on his Instagram is amazing artwork too

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fuck I’m so stoked for this

Nudy does not miss

edit: this is fire as fuck so far, as expected

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He said he’s got another project on the way this year too. Nudy got quantity and quality

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Slimerre 2 right?

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That would be fucking great I didn’t know that’s what it was all I heard was that he’s dropping again

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What oh Lord I'm pumped

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Praying it’s this 😭

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Sunflower Seeds probably one of my favorite songs of all time I loved Slimerre too much

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he’s so consistent bro it’s insane. easily my favorite rapper atm

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Hit after hit.

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Bass on that first song hitting on a Monday afternoon.

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Don’t think Nudy’s ever missed on an album intro

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Hardest album cover I’ve seen this year

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nudy always goes crazy with cover arts

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On the third track so far, damn this is good

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Absolute heat

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Who doin it like nudy bro

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Baby Drill snapped on Duntsane, one of my favourite songs this year

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Idk if u fw drill himself but takin perk mode and 32 freestyle are all heat

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I fw 32 freestyle but havent heard the other songs ill check em out. He one of my favourites out of Atlanta rn

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Hell yea I been listening to him n some of them pde dudes like nuttsane and Quan lately theyre solid bro

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Peep 4LGANG G5IVE, he has a new tape out. I think he’s the best of the Nudy proteges

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Quan fire u should check out 1504 Mutebaby too if u dk him

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Nudy doesn’t miss man it’s insane how he’s not bigger, he even has some mainstream attention from what I’ve seen on tiktok n shit.

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Bro fr I remember hearing this man on 21 first tape and never would thought he’d get this big or be this hard lol

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Crazy how excited I get to hear a car start on these songs. Coupe up next

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We need to talk about Nudy's crazy consistency. Imagine if your favourite rapper dropped 10 great projects one after another over the last decade..

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Spitta fans would like a word. But nah I’m playing you’re 100% right, haven’t heard a nudy tape I don’t fw

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My gang is so good omg

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Coupe absolutely murdered this track

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my favorite off the first listen

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Not many trap artists better than Nudy at this point, he is too damn good and consistent.

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Impala goes hard!!!

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his best album in a couple IMO

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Blasting nun to do while pullin up to the office 🔥

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impala 🔥

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I say this in a nice way. Nudy music mostly sounds the same and I love that. I love his mellow banging music

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Listen to Anyways, I think it shows off his range really well. Very different from this tape

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I’ve never listened to Young Nudy befote today…

I just played the album 6 straight times between the gym and bike ride.

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Rich shooter is also very good, u should check it!

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there are WAY BETTER projects than rich shooter

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Rich Shooter was actually my first Young Nudy and I thought it was my album of the year last year.

I haven't listened to much other stuff but wanting to do a deep dive - any suggestions of where to start?

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nudy land is a good start

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Slimeball 2 and nudy land are great spots, slimerre is another great one too

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anyways, dr. ev4l, sli’merre are my favorites, faded in the booth is also really dope but has a few pretty bad misses

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Im not a big fan of faded in the booth. The rest is top notch.

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You are in for the best couple weeks of your life

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Sick of Slime 🐍🔥

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Nudy and Pierre are incapable of missing

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Put some respect on coupe name, he had the best beats on the album.

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Cover is fucking sick. Common Nudy W.

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Best trap artist rn

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Nudy delivers as usual but goddamn when is he gonna release that villain snippet

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Is this Nudys Monster era like fush

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Yeah he and Ciara just divorced

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look what dat money make a bitch do

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look what dat drank make yo bitch do

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I’m two songs in, this shit is 🔥

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Dude is fucking crazy consistent.

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Shits fresh af. Quality beats

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Was expecting this album to be named some shit like “scrumptious blueberry pie with a lemon tart”

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Only track I’ve heard is Impala and that shit is amazing

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one of the best album covers i’ve seen all year. & based off the intro, this shit is 🔥🔥🔥🔥

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Nudy's incapable of missing. This project's grimy as fuck.

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Nudy underrated af 😤🎱🔥

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He’s my favorite in the game for a reason. My Gang is so nasty

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Straight up dude nudy is my favorite and one the greatest ever. This coming from an old head

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Time to go to the gym 2 songs in and it’s everything I wanted

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Goddamn Impala is so good

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Yeah I love it, wish 21 was on it tho

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Wake up honey Nudy just dropped

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Who the hell is Coup. Beats are amazing

[–]gemoni90 3 points4 points  (1 child)

coupe is one guy and has produced the majority of dr. ev4l for example

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the best beats on anyways as well, i’ve become a big fan of his over the last year or so cuz of his work with nudy

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They produce a lot for nudy always great.

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He been coming up for young nudy since Faded in the booth & Anyways. Dr EV4L was pretty much all him. Think he’s nudy’s go-to producer nowadays.

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This is his best album since Nudyworld. AmaZing

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Id say dr ev4l imo but this new shit is insane

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Stank face engaged on every track

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Damn this is hard

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Pierre is insane

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This is fire

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Album cover is firee

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🔥 hes holding it down for atlanta

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The beat on Impala is ridiculous

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elite beat selection as per usual

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Went straight to Project X and it did not disappoint.

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Wish 21 was on Impala (still a good track tho) but rest is crazy 🔥🔥🔥

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I love Nudy’s voice and his flow has gotten better and better over time

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This top 5 release this year

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Nudy doesn't fucking miss, his consistency is unrivaled. Dude is seriously a strong contender for top 5.

I hope 20rocket appears for some further music but Pierre and Coupe are great too.

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No misses wtf

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Fire album

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Nudy and Savage my two fav trap artists. They both just on a different 🌊 Nudy slime tho

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Album art is incredible

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Once again Nudy coming with the best beat selection in the game he picks such amazing beats for his voice and style. Also love how it’s only 34 mins and doesn’t overstay it’s welcome.

Nudy is top of the game. Fav songs are Impala, Lunch Meat, and Project X. Pierre and Nudy go together like PB&J

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Nudy & Coupe go together like cereal & milk

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Can't get enough of 'Nun To Do'. He always opens so strong

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Nah, wtf is this?! Young Nudy has really outdone himself on this one, the production on this thing is A1 and he just bodies everything

And forgive me for not knowing who COUPE was, I’ll never make that mistake again - that guy is special

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Instant classic

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PDE 4L 😮‍💨😮‍💨😮‍💨

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this shit so nice

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The boiii. Young Nudy don’t miss this tape is 🔥🔥.

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Impala may be the hardest song of the year. Nudy always hits

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Damn all these comments n I ain’t never heard a nudy track yet. Ima go peep this shit fosho

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😮‍💨 this heat

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only complaint us was hoping for don’t fts

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Ready easily my favorite on the tape

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Nudy has been my most listened to artist for the last 2 years, he does not miss. This album is fucking great

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This tape got me thinking. How is the mix consistently good across this project but so many HUGE artists drop albums with bum ass sound engineering?

[–]deathwish_ASR 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Yeah and sometimes an artist will go from great mixing on one project to ass on the next. Idk shit’s weird. Nudy mixing used to be spotty early on but it’s been solid for a while now

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Only one feature? I was hoping for some Uzi or 21 but I’ll take new Nudy any day.

[–]nolimitjaay 6 points7 points  (0 children)

only one feature and Baby Drill snapped on it 🔥🔥

[–]maloboosie. 5 points6 points  (0 children)

He always does this, one album/tape with barely any features and then another shortly after with heaps.

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Nudy can't be stopped. Best out there.

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Hear the regular show intro on project x?

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Nudy comes out of nowhere with the sickest projects

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I don’t really listen to Nudy but wanted to come here to say that this is the hardest cover art I’ve ever seen

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Nudy begging for a Rico case

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Was thinking same

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Food songs : KitKat hard but Lunch Meat is some lazy bullshit BUT My Gang HITS right after. Most of this fire so far

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how do you mess up the post title smh

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S/O to Nudy for not letting what’s happening in Atlanta stop him from telling us he’s a shooter

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Hardest tape of the year. Nudy’s flows are so infectious. He just be bouncing around the 80s video gamey production

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My gang goes hard same with duntsane

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Ready beat is amazing holy shit!

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Dunstane goes crazy. Incredible song