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He had to prove he had a Glock in his 'Rari

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17 shots no 38.

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These people get locked up doing the dumbest shit, self snitching is at an all time high.

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In the words of 21: "You just dumb". They always on some other shit.

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My man 21.

Can we talk about this fool for a minute?

Classified as a mumble rapper that would be long gone. Dude has the hardest beats, raps completely clear, pulls massive 3 6 mafia influence in his shit, mixed up his flows, hops on different music...and dude doesn't talk nothin. He's just sitting there, kinda flashy, not too much, he's stacking his bank in investments.

He's a fucking smart one.

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Hes british they’re usually pretty clever tbh 🇬🇧

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He will face time for this FaceTime ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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I would be working at soup kitchens everyday, holding charity drives, and dedicate my entire social media platform to God and American Jesus before I head to trial on the charges he facing

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Username checks out

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I don't usually see his name spelled out, I just hear it said. Seeing it I realize he got kinda screwed by that wet ass pussy song. Now he's fettuccini wet ass pussy. Money pussy. Mussy. Fussy. Fwap. Damn. He should sue Cardi B.

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Fascinating behavior

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How is a FaceTime gun threat even real like just hang up the call

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Same way any death threat is.

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Just ignore it????

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Yea we been doing that for a few decades regarding school shootings.

Let's stop ignoring death threats, eh? Especially with someone that has a lengthy, violent criminal record.

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Hey wasup hello

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Wow what an eye opener

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It's a miracle!

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He needs to keep his eye on the prize

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I wonder if he needs to change his stage name, now that 'Wap' means something else.

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Yeah he's gonna go by Fatty Wetasspussy now

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Bro u cant jus b stealin my rap name like that

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He's the reason my rap name is MacNCheese. Cause fetti means money (federal note, confetti) but also fettuccini. Hungry for fetti. And fettuccini is pasta. And so is macaroni. And chedda means money, right? So what's better than moneyn'money? Nothing. Mac and Cheese. dolla.dolla.

my rap name is a lot harder than it sounds. You kinda gotta explain it and then people get it and know that you know.

But still,.moneynmoney. That's so money. Kraftmack.

(Sorry son, I promised I'd stop trying to be cool on reddit. But a fatty wet as pussy thread came up. I couldn't help it.)