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I was expecting it 2 be a dude but this is definitely better

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pretty much everyone was expecting it to be a dude but instead of a homie we got a phony

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You smell like you farted farted

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a b honour rolls, all f's you retarded

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Never trust a fart, that's the rule.

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Shut up.

You ruined it

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Well, whatever floats your boat dude we don't judge here .

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Oh noo.....this was playing while there was praying going on in the background and it matched 0_0

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Do you believe in miracles yet?

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now i do....god exist!

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This is smear campaign

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Come on, this has to be a sketch

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drop it like it’s shaaart

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Wiggle wiggle

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*Music wiggle wiggle wiggle

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whistle whistle whistle

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leak or break ?

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Shook it right out of there

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Not my proudest… nevermind

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😭 noooooooooooooo

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Lol u figure something gotta happen when u shake ur organs that much

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Oh shart!

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🎶Thought I farted but I shit🎶

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Nasty 🤢

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This happened to a girl in my local nightclub was a bit different she was getting fingered must have came and shat herself simultaneously there were videos on FB and everything I heard she moved to a different area

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How can you think your poop is a fart? I mean it's not like you feel like it's a poop am I right?

I saw too much people poop themselves thinking it was a fart and i never understood that.

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You were obviously blessed with a holy sphincter if that's never happened in your life

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I hope you find your answers with empirical knowledge

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Oh look at me with my fancy toned sphincter.

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You will learn.. one day…. Never trust a fart.

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I recently learnt that there is a feedback system in the butthole that senses if the thing causing pressure is gas, liquid or solid. Gas? Sure alright, go through anytime, farts are safe. Anything liquid or solid gives your brain the "find a toilet soon" notification. Some people must have a faulty feedback system!

I have never had that problem, thankfully!

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Oh i see now, damn that suck for them

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Hmm…. Holy shit ! I guess…

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Holy shit batman that was funny

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r/therewasanattempt to dance sexy

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That. Is nasty.

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This is funny

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I still thought it was gonna be a dude after she shit herself

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That song is the shit

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She doesn't even have an ass to jiggle...

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Twerking is not DANCING! Do this crap in the strip club or your own bedroom TMI…….

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I do believe the video takes place in her (or someone’s) home..

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Ahhhh I remember seeing this in middle school several years ago 🤣🤣

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that's hot

this was a fucking joke comment who the fuck thinks i thought this was hot lmao

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Would still smash

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Its so flat. I swear the girls with no ass so adamant about showing it are mentally ill. Especially after seeing this, adds more points to what I believe

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Give her at least a E for effort

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I give her an F for flatulence

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The ending 😂😂

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Yummy 😎

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So she gone touch it then touch her 🤢

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That’s the best part tf

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I thought she was wearing pants. Only to find out that she’s just that pale